10 Olympic Athletes Who Were Caught Cheating At The Games


10 Athletes who embarrassed themselves by cheating at the Olympics.
We love watching athletes competing against one another during the Olympics, but some of them are less than honorable. Today, we are going to expose a long history of cheaters going all the way back to 1904. That was the year that runner Fred Lorz decided to just skip the middle of a race and take a car instead. If you think that’s brazen, wait until you hear about how Madeline de Jesus won her race after she pulled her hamstring. We had to admit, as wrong as cheating is, the way that Boris Onishchenko rigged up his fencing was pretty ingenious. Getting caught using illegal substances at the Olympics is bad, but Ben Johnson got caught not once, not twice, but three times! Michelle Smith was never officially caught, but she did get busted for tampering with her test results. Cameron van der Burgh confessed to cheating during his swimming event, and they even had to implement new cameras because of it.

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32 thoughts on “10 Olympic Athletes Who Were Caught Cheating At The Games

  1. The Ben Johnson one was sad because politics were involved. Carl Lewis, Johnson's American rival got his gold medal but was tested positive as well but nothing came of it. Lewis should have suffered the same fate as Johnson.

  2. Back then in 36 was a big deal being a man and posing as female, but that's not the case today. If they just check around to find out the gender in sports , you would be surprised how many man pretend to be female and compete on major sport events. Unfortunately there is no low against it…but it should.

  3. God damn it! Why did she have to be Irish , I’m just going to pretend she was English ( if your Irish you’ll get it)

  4. As a fencer, I can't help but notice 2:19–2:21 showed the wrong weapon, saber! Us saber-fencers wear the full silvery jacket since the areas we need to hit are from the waist up, including the mask (epee can hit everywhere, including the foot). It's also a slashing weapon, unlike epee, where you have to hit with the tip the machine to register a hit (hitting something other than the opponent, like the floor, registers a white "off-target" light). Epee's tip mechanism was what Onishchenko manipulated in his cheating attempt.

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  6. The basketball team scandal is just like when Cartman faked being retarded to be in the special olympics.

  7. If Cameron's actions were allowed then it cannot be deemed cheating. Watch the video of the race and see how many were doing more than one dolphin kicks.

  8. How could the swimming dude thing be considered as cheating? that's a load of bullshit! athletes should be able to use whatever tactics they want, stupid fucking rules "dolphin kicks" maybe show us the disgraceful paid judges that chose a certain decision because of being already bought

  9. im sorry but tonya harding got banned for life for something she did not really know about and these people are doing drugs

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