All Destiny 2 Weapon Ornaments – Updated With Names and How to Get


Hey All,

This is an updated version of the “All Destiny 2 weapons” original video, this one has all names added and the source of how they were originally acquired and also how you can get them now.

I hope you like the video, in total it took me around 14 hours to put together including the research time for each weapon, enjoy.

Music used in the video is directly from Destiny 1, so nostalgic.
The Traveler – 0:00 – 2:28
Forsaken – 2:28 – 6:39
Guardian – 6:39 – 8:37
Rememberance 8:37 – 10:40
The Warmind – 10:40 – 12:38
Traveler’s Promise – 12:38 – 14:28
Excerpt from the Union – 14:28 – 16:06
Cabal Stomp – 16:06 – 18:13
Rise of Iron – 18:13 – 19:24


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46 thoughts on “All Destiny 2 Weapon Ornaments – Updated With Names and How to Get

  1. Cabal Stomp is one of my favorites…

    But you wouldn’t know how many times I’ve heard the black garden boss music…

  2. Hey, you mislabeled that ace of spades ornament you get at the end of the forsaken campaign as the the last word’s “Laconic” at 0:50 .

  3. i have all the hardlight ones but i just cant get the catalyst just another reason i hate being killed by it in the crucible 24/7

  4. Damn, so much of this is just eververse stuff. I honestly think the game would be in a healthier state if they just removed it and added a paid subscription instead.

  5. Best ornaments for each exotic weapon:

    Ace of Spades: Salute to the Colonel
    Crimson: Silver Bullet
    Ariana's Vow: For Wei
    Lumina: Lucid Melody
    Malfeasance: Red String of Fate
    Sturm: Symbiosis
    Sunshot: Burning Red
    Thorn: Heretic Robe
    Mida: Titanium Alloy
    Polaris Lance: Ikelos Field Tuning
    Skyburner's: Beware the Red Legion
    Symmetry: Skyline Constellation
    The Jade Rabbit: Jade Jester
    Cerberus+1: Four-Headed Mongrel
    Hard Light: Brumal Dawn
    Monte Carlo: What If
    SUROS: Gray Nitrite
    Sweet Business: Go About Your Business
    Tommy's: The Chopper
    Devil's Ruin: Devil's Advocate
    Rat King: Black Plague
    The Chaperone: The Panama Ravine
    Legend of Acrius: War Beast Skin
    LoW: Packmaster's Command
    TFH: Death Comes Calling
    Tractor Cannon: Abyssal Scream
    Riskrunner: Electric Violet
    Terrabah: Voracious
    Huckleberry: Devil's Work
    Borealis: Synesthesia
    D.A.R.C.I: Cyber Intellect
    Izanagi: Ronin
    Whisper: Bound Hammer
    Bastion: Bloodline Memorial
    Toaster: Járngreipr
    Merciless: Break the Dawn
    1k Voices: 1 Terrible Scream
    Telesto: Long Live the Queen
    Bad Juju: Beast Magic
    Graviton Lance: General Relativity
    Outbreak Perfected: Mercurial Affliction
    Vigilance Wing: Heavens Vigil
    Leviathans's Breath: Bad Dog
    Wish-Ender: Author of Devestation
    Arbalest: Violent Exorcism
    Queenbreaker: Kingmaker
    Sleeper Simulant: Hypnopompic
    Thunderlord: Tlāloc's Wrath
    Xenophage: A Better Specimen
    Fighting Lion: Prideglass
    Prospector: Comstock Lode
    The Colony: The Colony XZ812
    Coldheart: Sub-Zero
    Divinity: Sky/Perdition
    Promethues Lens: Eye of Osiris or Hatae'
    Deathbringer: Peachbringer
    Wardcliff Coil: Dieselpunk
    Truth: Stolen Goods
    Two-Tailed Fox: Chasing Kitsune
    Black Talon: Frostborne
    Worldline Zero: Positive Infinity
    Hotel: Trivago

    Any objections?

  6. It makes me sad that bungie wastes so much time making skins for exotics nobody cares about instead of FIXING THE GAME

  7. I dunno if this sounds stupidid but i think you shouldhave a pic of the normal gun by itself before all its ornament to compare

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