Bully: Anniversary Edition – Mission #34 – Comic Klepto


Bully: Anniversary Edition Mission Guide / Walkthrough Video in Full HD

Bully: Anniversary Edition Story Missions Playlist:


Mission No. 034 – Chapter III: Love Makes the World Go Around

Mission Name:
– Comic Klepto


Game available on: Sony PlayStation 2 (Bully), Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii & PC (Bully: Scolarship Edition), Apple iOS & Android (Bully: Anniversary Edition)

Video recorded on: iPhone 7 with SteelSeries Stratus gamepad


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21 thoughts on “Bully: Anniversary Edition – Mission #34 – Comic Klepto

  1. I failed this mission 3 times, then watch this vidio, and then realize how stupid i am becauce just use punch to defeat that clepto

  2. 1:25 First that guy gets robbed, then some punk ass kid smashes his sign. Give this old man a break will ya?

  3. "Once he has the comics, Jimmy returns them to Zack. He says he doesn't read comics and just wants cash, and so Zack gives him $30 instead of the promised $5."

    Thank you wiki

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