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The object of Buzzword is to be the first team to score 50 points. To score points you must correctly solve a set of 10 clues. The “buzzword”, which is found at the top right corner of each card, is contained in the answer to each clue. For example, if the buzzword is “sugar”, one of the clues might be “This makes the medicine go down.” The answer would be “a spoonful of sugar.”

Teams take turns and players within the teams take turns reading the clues to their own teammates. On your turn, take a card from the box. Say the buzzword. Start the timer and begin reading the clues in order from one to 10. Your teammates all play at the same time and say their answers aloud. If your teammates are stumped, they may pass and move on to the next clue. Once a clue is passed, your team won’t get another chance to come back to it. When time runs out, the other team has a chance to steal any passed clues and clues that were not answered before the time ran out. Each team scores one point for each correct answer given while either playing or stealing. Keep track on the scoreboard.

The game comes with 400 sets of Buzzword clues on 200 cards, 10 scoring cards, a 45-second sand timer, a scoreboard, and a marker. The game is for four or more players in teams.


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