Casual Game Design Roundtable: Level-Based Puzzle Games


Discussion leaders: Juan Gril, Studio Manager, Joju Games; Dave Rohrl, Founder, CasualPro Consulting; Steve Meretzky, VP of Creative, GSN

Exclusive article about Steve Meretzky:

Delivered at Casual Connect USA 2015

In this roundtable, Dave Rohrl, Steve Meretzky and Juan Gril bring their highly-respected and long-running analysis of the free-to-play game industry to a brand new format. This session will focus on level-based puzzle games (for example, Candy Crush Soda Saga and Gummy Drop). Come prepared to discuss the most interesting games and features that you’ve seen this year in the genre.


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  1. The microphone volume levels are quite bad. Too quiet and almost inaudible in some areas, perfect in others.

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