Dallas Cowboys Stadium: A Behind-the-Scenes Tour


Whether you love or hate the Dallas Cowboys, you gotta admit the AT&T Stadium, itself, is out of this world. Seriously, did you know it has 1600 toilets??

I took a behind-the-scenes and checked out the Dallas Cowboys Locker Room and even played a little scrimmage on the field!

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29 thoughts on “Dallas Cowboys Stadium: A Behind-the-Scenes Tour

  1. That stadium hosted the 2015 country music awards. Any stadium that can host a big awards show like that is cool in my book.

  2. I actually went here for a camp for the dallas cowboys cheerleaders. It was very fun we got to preform for a half time show.

  3. Welcome to my house, baby take control now, we can't even slow down, we don't have to go out (WM32)

  4. As a professional youtube spectator i'm surprised that your channel has less than 600k subs

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