Do fighting game players have the BEST reactions?


I take The Human Benchmark challenges to discuss the age old question: do fighting game players have better reactions? Do you need fast reactions to be good at fighting games?

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33 thoughts on “Do fighting game players have the BEST reactions?

  1. The reaction time noobs think high level fighting game players have are experience (anticipation) and training (muscle memory).

  2. These were pretty fun. In highschool I remember I got 17 numbers for the number memory thing when I got tested once.

  3. Fighting game players probably need the worst reactions

    Of course reaction is part of FG skill, but there are enough other things where you can not have amazing reactions and not be good

    That's why pro players in shooters are all super young, meanwhile some top level FG players are near 40

    But then again, the FGC is also way older, so the pro players from the beginning are also a lot older

  4. I've been playing fighting games since I was 5. I'm currently 19. When people say you need good reaction timing to play fighting games, it's not necessarily true. You just need to know what button or key does what without looking at said button or key. Just know the basic game mechanics and get used to the console you're playing on.

  5. AVERAGE Human reaction time is 20 frames. The speed of a Medium punch. Or the top of a jump arc. If you see somebody jump you got to react immediately. If you think about it. They already landed or kicked or whatever

  6. You probably just did this for a lark but it is very heartening. Somehow knowing that I just suck at the game and it's nothing to do with my capabilities as a human makes me feel better. There's room for improvement even if I'm slow. Thanks man..

  7. Old school fighters yes now its all situational so that people with reaction time doesn't dominate. Playing brawlhalla tho you need that reaction

  8. I will say PR rog is got insane reaction. J think reads are much more important then reactions. Having good reaction is a Bonus

  9. these tests aren't so accurate though, your reaction time is totally different during an active situation. when you're rested your reactions are going to be slower than when in action. plus sometimes reactions are mixed with predicting something so you can "react" faster than you actually can by predicting/expecting something to react faster. these "tests" are just very irrelevant imo.

  10. My personal best was around 168ms average with a fastest of 146ms and a slowest score of 180ms. And Even I can't react to everything, knowing whats coming is significantly better than raw reacting. reactions help but it will never replace having a good mental stack.

  11. Nah fps players have the fastest. I don't see the people I snipe half the time. I have to react then destroy them, I don't even recognize where they are before I'm moving.

  12. I'm so galaxy brain that I react to my opponents attacks 5 hours after they do something to catch em by surprise.

  13. funny how i can still see the white squares location even after they disappear, does anyone else experience the same thing?

  14. Now play tekken 7 where Jin has a 23 frame hellsweep. If you can't react to that low, you will be forced to guess. Basically his whole game plan changes.

  15. Reacting to moves and situations just come wit experience and Repetitive gameplay knowing how and when to react to the characters move set. Example urien overhead if u see it enough time and know the frames u can punish it wit CA or whatever move beats it thats it period

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