EarthBound Walkthrough – Happy Happy Village


Part 7 – Rescuing Paula

Be sure to give the Franklin Badge to Paula when she joins Ness.


0:58 – Talk to Paula and receive the Franklin Badge.
4:51 – Enter the temple in the middle of the village and talk to the cultists moving faster than the others to get them out of the way.
5:57 – Defeat Mr. Carpainter and free Paula.


0:17 – A decent way to make money is to go to the food stand, “buy” Fresh Eggs for $0, raise them into Chickens, and then sell the Chickens for $110 each. The food stand closes once Mr. Carpainter is defeated.

2:58 – The Franklin Badge reflects electrical attacks from its holder. Give it to Paula when she joins Ness.

3:23 – I target the Spiteful Crow just in case it steals something. The cultists keep calling for help, so I use PSI Rockin to try to save time.

6:13 – Mr. Carpainter is an easy boss. Keep Ness’s HP above 65~70.

8:11 – Paula has low Offense and HP but high PP and Speed. She specializes in offensive PSI. Give her the Franklin Badge and your best armor.

8:44 – Photo Spot: in front of the cabin.

My rules for this walkthrough:

1.I don’t use Big/Multi Bottle Rockets because I think they make the game too easy. My hope is that not using Bottle Rockets will give you a better sense of what each boss is like and make these videos more interesting.

2.I avoid level grinding as much as possible. I point out when I think I’m underleveled.

Useful links:

For enemy and item info –
For game mechanics –


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19 thoughts on “EarthBound Walkthrough – Happy Happy Village

  1. It is so weird that Trump went from being a dark haired red hat boy to a bloated yellow haired tyrant over a glowing #Moonside idol he found.

  2. Ness has beat up a guy he robbed , ate trash and dates a felon. Are you sure he is the good guy ?

  3. I subbed because it's been a while since I played this game and I'm going back through it. I needed the refresher. Thank you. Subbed!

  4. Downloaded an emulator just for this game about a year ago have played and beat it three times so far. Since I downloaded the emulator I played earthbound for the first time since 1997

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