ENDER'S GAME – Lot 99 – Drone Pilot Uniform and Light Up Control Console


A Drone Pilot Uniform and Light-Up Control Console from Gavin Hood’s 2012 sci-fi adaptation, Ender’s Game. In the film, Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield) is recruited to lead the International Fleet against the alien Formic race. The light-up drone control consoles and costumes were made for use in the film’s climatic battle sequence.
This set includes a drone console, drone chair, and an international fleet drone pilot uniform. The console is constructed of a fiberglass shell and features resin grating pieces, a Razer brand Nostromo expert gaming keypad, and several LED lighting effects. The console is painted slate to emulate a metallic surface and includes various sci-fi detailing. The lighting effects include a transparency back lit by an LED light pad to simulate the battle, a back lit strip of battle information, and two small blue LED indicator lights. The lighting effects are all wired to a 12 volt transformer that plugs directly into an American AC electrical outlet. The gaming pad is mounted to the left of the LED light pad and features an adjustable palm-rest, a scroll wheel, 16 keys, blue lighting accents, and an analogue directional pad. The mouse features a USB connecting port.
The drone chair is comprised of hard plastic on a metal frame. The chair features padded arm rests, pneumatic height adjustment, a folding mechanism, and a fiberglass base cover. The base cover features a removable section, making it easily slipped over the chair’s support pole. The chair features six screw holes on the base.
The uniform includes a slate blue flight suit made of synthetic fabric, a black L.L. Bean long sleeve cotton shirt (size extra extra large), a rubber name bar, and a black helmet. The flight suit features two faux pockets with working zippers at both hips, attached International Fleet patches on both shoulders, attached name bar reading “Chen” in English and Braille lettering, magnetic cuff straps, and front zipper. The two piece adjustable helmet includes a padded skull cap fixture, plastic facemask with ventilation holes, hard black plastic visor, and adjustable chinstrap. Individually the console piece measures 32” x 33” x 20” (81 cm x 84 cm x 51 cm) while the drone chair measures 36” x 25” x 22” (94 cm x 64 cm x 56 cm). All pieces of this lot show minor wear from production, such as scuffs and scratches to paint, small tears and frays in fabric, and small chips. Otherwise, the set in is in great, production used condition.
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