Gamecube Controller Mod – Paracord Cable Sleeving Tutorial – Custom!


Gamecube controller mod… well there are tons of mods out there, for a custom gamecube controller, but in this video I am going to show you how to mod your controller by adding a paracord sleeve to your controller cable/cord. This is a great controller mod and really gives your controller a fantastic element that looks amazing!

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Soldering Tools I use:
Soldering Iron used:
Flux used:
Wire use:
Dental Pick set:
Desolder Wick:

Other Helpful Tools:
Triwing Screw drive and Nintendo Gambits –
Basic Multimeter –
Precision Probes for Multimeter –
Precision file set –
Gorilla Super Glue –

For your Paracord, get 550 paracord. I get it from, use code P2ROCKERG to get 10% off

Intro – Legend of Xela (@TheLegendOfXela) –

Music Credits:

Music Credits:
Intro song by Tristan Lohengrin :

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35 thoughts on “Gamecube Controller Mod – Paracord Cable Sleeving Tutorial – Custom!

  1. Thanks for checking out the video guys! let me know what you think of the video, I am shooting with a new camera, in 4K and down sampling to 1080P. Things seem to be more clear to me, but let me know what you think!!

  2. Stumbled on your channel and subbed, great content and I love your easy store – I'll have to save up for a few bits to make shipping to UK worth the while!

  3. I should do something like this since I added the custom buttons first, but to do that, I'll need to find a third hand tool. Where can I buy the third hand tool?

  4. I think I might have messed my board up it seems there a bit of brown where there Cord should be solder and when I plugged it in to my GameCube it would turn off.Its in right but I think that that's the boards fault

  5. Those light in there are those meant to be always on when the controller is plugged in? ive been looking for a mod like that to do

  6. @RockerGaming

    I recently followed the tutorial in this video, however, when I put everything back together the gamecube controller will work briefly but cut out completely shortly after. Have you experienced this problem before?

  7. I'd love to do this, but the cost of tools that I don't have and would most likely never use again doesn't make it cost effective for me. Do you sell these or offer a "send in and back again" service?

  8. So I’m at the part where you’re putting the cord back on and my wires will not lock back into place with the plastic holster so the wires keep getting pushed out of the plastic casing and are not able to make it all the way through the board. Is there something I’m missing here with getting them to lock back into place in the plastic casing? Or did I ruin the plastic casing lol

  9. Awesome vid dude… first time I've seen paracord used like this… will any paracord work or is there a specific thickness that will first the gc cord?

  10. I'll be back, in about 3 months lol. I need some new ideas tho, really cannot to exposing type stuff anymore.

  11. I know this video has been up for a while but, I am really having trouble taking the pins out of the connector any tips?

  12. My gamecube controller cable are completely rusted inside.
    It is possible to change the entire cable to a new cable ??

  13. At the places where you snip off the copper and glued, did you tape those areas as well to make sure they didn't snag?

  14. Didn't even know this was a thing you could do… Strongly considering looking into this for all my retro consoles now.

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