GameCube HDMI Adapter VS Official Component + Hardware Review – H4G


We review ZeldaXPro’s GameCube HDMI option – the GC Video Plug and Play! We compare this with composite, s-video, official GameCube component, and Wii component!

We also take a look at these formats with the Game Boy Interface.

ZeldaXPro’s site:

Metal Jesus Rocks video on the GC HDMI Plug and Play:

Games covered:
Super Smash Bros Melee
Doshin The Giant
Pikmin 2
F-Zero GX
Gunstar Super Heroes

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30 thoughts on “GameCube HDMI Adapter VS Official Component + Hardware Review – H4G

  1. We mentioned the Wii emulates GameCube – it is backwards compatible and essentially has the same architecture. So emulation is a bit of a misnomer – but you get the idea….

  2. So ideally which one has the best quality, thats the most reasonable price for using on the GameCube?

  3. Hey guys just wanted to know if you can help me out with hey matter. I am trying to hook up my GameCube to my brand new smart HDTV running to both of my TV's one is a smart TV and one is just a regular the only problem I have is the adapter that comes with the GameCube does not work on my TV because it does not have the five RCA plugs to convert. Do you guys have a cheap solution for this matter if you do I know you guys are talking about certain different ways doesn't really matter what it looks like as long as it works and my daughter can play with me. You guys can get in touch with me by emailing me to White Lion 111 at hope you guys can help me out with this matter would love to play. The boatload of games I have with my daughter and pass it to her. I gave away a bunch of game consoles away because of that matter but I feel as though I should just keep this one for her since I have so many games and they're hard to get. Now I learn something from listening to both of you talk about getting an SD reader and downloading or copy and games I think that's what I'm mistaking on saying for something similar to what I just said that you guys are doing this cool have Game Boy games and I mean a hell of a lot would love to play those on my consoles can you also send me info on that so I can get my daughter's mother since she is computer savvy and a gamer and she has a boatload of games that she would love to convert to her PS3. It is possible more likely to the GameCube. I also was trying to find out if the Nintendo switch wire for that can go behind the game queue it after all it is Nintendo just different name. Is the plug that goes to the TV matches the back of the game consoles. Or the Wii if it does let me know that way I can get they RCA jacks that goes to a digital flat screen TV conversion output AV plugs sorry for the way I work things. Well guys thank you and keep the good contact coming hit me up let me know I'll be waiting thank you and God bless keep game we're never too old or young have fun

  4. My gcvideo HDMI adapter causes my screen to burn in within minutes of using it on any screen I use it on. Does anybody have a clue how to keep it from doing that?

  5. Something somewhat related since it's a similar time period console. Would you recommend trying to get component cables for a PS2? To my knowledge PS3 cables work on PS2.

  6. GameCube Component might be much more expensive but HDMI is much better since the signal is completely digital as the name suggests digital out!

  7. There is no point of spending 200-300 and new 600-1000 plus dollars on a cable that does not have audio and it is pretty the price what the nintendo switch cost.

  8. The only good thing about the PAL Gamecube is that at least we have RGB, and the official cable can be found at a reasonable price. The downside is that PAL games never have 480p as an option so if we want to upgrade to component/HDMI and get the best out of our PAL console, we have to import NTSC games. That's why I think I'll just stick with RGB because it's more convenient and the quality is really good.

  9. HDMI adapter is like $100. Still passing on it. Until it’s like $20, I won’t buy it, because I’m not loaded.

  10. PAL consoles support RGB, but PAL games do not do 480p. Some games can do PAL60 which is 60hz mode like NTSC. Not all PAL regions have SCART as standard. For instance, here in New Zealand (which is a PAL region) SCART wasn't really a thing, although not impossible to find on consumer CRT TVs that were produced around 2000-2005.
    So we had all of the drawbacks of PAL 50hz and no RGB. New Zealand (possibly Australia too) had it worst of all regions.

  11. So who else is enjoying their OSSC?

    Btw, get your scanlines to work wherever possible. Low res on lcd's suck until people get the right idea how to do it.

  12. Those jaggies on Doshin probably comes from interlacing (as PAL Gamecube games didn't have progressive scan).
    Either those jaggies come from that HDMI adapter or are caused by the capture card, as a lot of HD capture cards don't support low res interlaced input and just leave out each second line.

  13. It's possible that the low latency version of the GBI wasn't working is because your display doesn't accept 240p over HDMI. It's not terribly uncommon for some screens to do 240p over component but not digital. Funny thing is my Sony does but still labels it as 480p over HDMI. We have an LG that does not accept any sort of 240p over a digital input.

  14. парни,доброго времени суток!подскажите сколько этот переходник стоит !компонент просто жутко дорогой!!!!ну и звук…по цыфре GameCube может передавать звук?спасибо!

  15. S-Video would be a cheap option then. I do have component cables for my Wii but I have a problem. My Wii doesn't play Gamecube games. I have a stupid downgraded version which pisses me off. If my Wii could play Gamecube games then I would use component cables which I did use for Skyward Sword. How does Doshin look in S-Video?

  16. The best way is play on a modded Wii because you can force progressive mode, 16:9 and use the extra power of the Wii for more FPS on unlocked frames games

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