GLOVES or BOOTS? | A Guide to Armor and Clothing (Rust Damage Guide 2017)


Gloves or boots? Boots or gloves? FINALLY an up-to-date answer! After tons of damage testing, I’m here with the answers to all your questions about Rust gear and damage! We also talk about the Wolf Headdress vs the Coffee Can and the Wooden Helmet!


Many thanks to the two patrons who helped with this video! Fox and ItsDeiadara!

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38 thoughts on “GLOVES or BOOTS? | A Guide to Armor and Clothing (Rust Damage Guide 2017)

  1. I hope you guys can forgive my voice this time! I've been getting over some cold or dust allergy thing. So guys, what type of videos would you like to see besides base builds?

  2. For anyone watching this in 2020, this argument still holds up in some respect.
    Although the increase from 6 to 7 armor slots occurred between 2017 and 2020, allowing both gloves and boots to be equipped, the introduction of the bandanna, which is incredibly useful early to mid game before getting coffee can helmet, takes up an additional slot. The use of the bandanna for additional head protection early game is crucial for extra head protection, but leaves only one slot left for boots or gloves. Personally, I choose gloves because of body protection, but then it becomes useless once I have coffee can helmet researched.
    Just wanted to give a heads up for y'all!

  3. "depends on your playstyle" really?
    People aim at the chest and up not at legs and up, gloves.
    Besides how does playstyle effect that?
    You peek with your leg instead of your head? Nah fam….

  4. No disrespect but can someone summarize it so i could know fast without watching through the whole video ? I just have limited time thats all. Not because i dont wanna watch u.

  5. Pretty Interesting.
    What would be really nice to see, is a table on damage, for every piece of armour / clothing, to ammo shot, different weapons, and different body parts.

  6. Globes &boots part Out of date now btw they added an extra slot so you can wear both it doesn’t matter just wear both now XD

  7. So did you make sure the guy shooting the arrow hit the metal or your face with the coffee can? Also ive had the coffee can block bullets at times, and the metal face mask as well. I cant count hoe many times ive been on a monument, or running and get headshot but instead of dealing damage ive just seen a red flash on my screen and the bullet hitting the metal, taking no damage.

  8. I'd vouch for the gloves, since bodies take more damage than, and are hit more often, at least by better players.

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