H-Rated Game – Idol Wars Z – Don't Judge Me


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Back in December Nutaku asked me if i was willing to play one of their games and review it on my channel. I’ve already done it once or twice before and you guys thoroughly seemed to like those kind of reviews so i said sure it would be great filler while i set my new schedule in motion!

After spending 30 hours playing the game i gotta say i did quite enjoy it, i hope you guys can try it out and let me know which cards you like best!
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For those still wondering about my accent : i’m French Canadian 🙂 my English is not perfect but it has to do. ^^


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Spoilers will be deleted on sight for obvious reasons.

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42 thoughts on “H-Rated Game – Idol Wars Z – Don't Judge Me

  1. how much do i miss it 🙁 idol wars was the best game it was so much fun playing in team 24 vs 24 lv up things and get every week new chance for new Idols with great skills :(.. ahh i wont forget this time..nice to see a video in Youtube of it..memories coming back.. playing vs starlight or Lolidols.. was fun

  2. I've already played this long before this video was released. Why not Millennium War Aigis, though. It's one of the oldest games available on Nutaku (the oldest one was Lord of Valkyrie which is now discontinued as of now ;-;). I prefer MWA over idol wars Z (not to mention that Nutaku has also discontinued Idol Wars Z) because it cleaner a cleaner aspect of everything and imo is more focused on the gameplay since the H-scenes are unnecessary (They do kind of increase your unit's stats).

  3. video arrived a little late for me lel, but ive seen the game before, and you encourage me to play it, thanks for the honest review misty, and time to get some grinding

  4. Between Idol Wars Z and Brave Girl Ravens I picked the later. Right now I m just waiting for Kamihime Project to be released.

  5. I played this game from the day it was relased, after few seconds in game you can notice one problem Pay2Win 🙁 if you are not paying you will be much worse than people who do… That's why I stopped playing it 🙁

  6. So Misty, if you created a account on the normal version, could you transfer the data to the hentai version?

  7. hey does anybody remember that one anime where I think the subway train got blocked in an earthquake and everyone ended up getting saved except one guy that died before rescue came? I know it was in one of Mists videos but I can't remember which xC

  8. not gonna lie, this video doesn't surprise me one bit after watching all of Misty's videos over the past 3 years. it was more of a "can't believe this hasn't happened already"

  9. hang on that is exactly like love live school school idol (the game) except added hentai and lower difficulty and up the cards rarity is like dream girl friend using other clothe or materials to upgrade the cloth from N to R to RR to SR to MR

  10. Fate Grand order and Puzzle and Dragon are probably better types of games compared to this, but this looks novel enough to be worth a shot if nothing else

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