How to Get Started! BYOND Dream Maker


Build Your Own Net Dream (BYOND) is free software for making your own games! Make multiplayer online games, or quickly create a single player experience! Make games with the lightweight yet versatile integrated development environment, Dream Maker, and an intuitive yet powerful coding language, DM!

For an introduction to BYOND, check out my previous video!

Check out my BYOND libraries!

Get BYOND for free at the official BYOND site!

If you enjoy playing or making games with BYOND, please share it with a friend, and consider becoming a BYOND member!


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12 thoughts on “How to Get Started! BYOND Dream Maker

  1. Probably a good idea to explain the difference between single and double quotes. Single quotes being accessing files, and double for text strings. 👍

  2. Just found this video & i have for years tried making my own game, but i find it difficult to get it off the ground.

    The basics are easy enough as you explained, but more complicated stuff like adding a "New / Load" Character screen & such i can never find a guide on.

  3. Can you do a video demonstrating objects and not mobs and maps? I'm a bit confused on that topic and I need to see it in action, it would be very helpful.

  4. hey dude you remember me from minecraft 2 years ago? its been long time, anyway if you do remember who i am just contact me in one of my vid that you liked. btw nice video, i love your format.

  5. I'm really glad I came across this, as someone who has little to no experience/knowledge with coding but really wants to get into Dream Maker.

  6. Hey! Great video exactly what I was looking for. Have loved BYOND for years, always wanted to do my own thing in it.

  7. Hi Tyruswoo. I should be the first comment in theory. And by saying this, I found this tutorial very interesting! I hope to see more about this dream maker!

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