How-To Guide – Create Windows 10 USB Install Drive

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This guide will show you the process of creating a Windows 10 USB Install Drive. Detailed Step-by-Step from start to finish.
Any questions, post them below!

Link to the Microsoft Windows Media Creation Tool

16GB Kingston USB Thumb Drive (shown in video) –

Full list of 16GB USB Thumb Drives – –

I have reviewed the computer shown in this video,
you can view that here:

The video showing the actual install of Windows 10 can
be viewed here:

If you need a legal copy of Windows, here are some options:

Windows 10 Home – OEM – –

Windows 10 – OEM – No Sticker Option (this costs less) –

Windows 10 Pro (Discount Code TD20)


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33 thoughts on “How-To Guide – Create Windows 10 USB Install Drive

  1. Hi, what if I already installed windows 10 before in same internet connection. Can I still install another windows 10 for another brand new pc?

  2. I have broken /corrupt registry files. It will not let me repair them and also I cannot reset my pc because of this. So can I just put windows 10 on a usb, erase my c drive and boot up from that to reinstall?

  3. Please can you help to show how to remove totally Ubuntu from my lap top and in store windows 10?

  4. It doesn’t give me an option to pick iso or usb it just picks my main drive which I don’t have enough space on

  5. thnx. Can we install Windows 10 education (key purchased) on a brand new SSD using media creation tool?

  6. With my 'other' computer has Win XP. is that a problem? I have tried to create a USB on there however it keeps showing it's a corrupt. can you help?

  7. This was a fantastic video from a fantastic gentleman. Thank you kind sir! Question, if I may: I performed this operation on a Laptop running 8.1 and worked beautifully. Now I want to do the same on a computer desktop currently running Windows Vista. Any special notes doing this on Vista? And should I format the HDD first, or can the process take care of that for me? Thanks for all you do for the community!!

  8. I did this ages ago and made a bootable usb flash drive. I then needed to use the flash drive for something else so i copied the files over to my external hard drive which contains lots of other files as well. Today I tried to boot from the external hard drive but my computer wasn't detecting it as a boot drive. So instead i copied the files from the external drive to a different usb drive. Now I was able to boot to that drive. However, during the installation of windows I got the Error code: 0x8007025D meaning that I have to repeat this process again. This is quite tedious as my internet is very slow.

    What's the reason for my older files not working?

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