How to Hook Up Multiple Game Systems to Your TV


Quick-and-to-the-point tutorial on how you can connect more than one gaming console to a TV. I talk about (coaxial), composite, s-video, component, and HDMI connections and how to incorporate switchboxes. My other, relevant videos:

In this video, I mention two ways to connect you systems to you TV (or computer possibly). One is to just plug them into the multiple jacks on the back of the TV, and then toggle between them. The other way is to purchase a switchbox that lets you toggle between multiple systems. I display diagrams demonstrating how it is usually done.

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40 thoughts on “How to Hook Up Multiple Game Systems to Your TV

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  2. Would there be any noticeable quality loss from a system that's going through two mechanical composite switch boxes up to a 20" CRT?

  3. What’s the best Switch Box to use for 6 consoles Wii U, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Dreamcast? I’m having trouble finding the right one, I have 3 HDMI on my 4K HDTV and I’m trying to hook all 6 on the 3 Inputs I have available on my TV can you help me pick the right Box?

  4. Ok so if i want two gaming systems to work but I want them to work on one HDMI port plug in on my tv so what do I need for that

  5. I've been using a Kinivo HDMI switcher for years with no problems. Now I'm building an arcade room and I need to hook up 8 consoles to one TV. Just to be clear, I can plug in 2 HDMI switchers to 1 TV as long as they're in different ports, correct? Just don't want to buy 2 if I can only use 1.

  6. I use a HDMI switch for my pc, ps4 , and Xbox to a monitor and it only reads my pc input and when I switch to my consoles it said no signal

  7. Can I wire up all my PlayStation consoles together and get updates to the software on the older consoles?

  8. i tought about getting some good ant with a lot of ports receiver. Most switch boxes really degrade the quality, and they are expensive.

  9. Is there a Switch Box that works for the Nintendo GameCube, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Elgato ?

  10. When I used a hdmi switcher on my ps4, it would keep flickering when I opened a game. The ps3 has a little lag during high frame moments. And the Wii U and switch usually work perfectly. I just think that the ps4s graphics are too powerful for some switch boxes. I also recently had to get an 8 switch AV box from amazon, since my other 3, four- switch boxes were going out and looked ugly anyway. And my tv only has 3 hdmi ports, everything is taken and I have to go behind it every time to switch between stuff. I am trying to find a better solution, maybe some HDMI switch boxes can send video better than others? But anyways, great video showing different solutions and ideas!

  11. Thanks for the vid. But what about using a headset with all these hook ups? I’d like to use my gaming headset that has an available 3.5MM cable hookup – to use with all my systems.

  12. How about considering getting adapters? like composite to hdmi, etc. and only use a hdmi switch box? is it possible?

  13. Uhh… what about Scart, JP21, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, BNC and the Devil's Pitchforks AKA the only worse than RF?

  14. I've been hoarding the GE 73344 component switcher ever since they started becoming stupidly rare and expensive (I got three).

  15. have you/can you hook up the old systems to be able to play on either TV? like i would love to play NES on an crt for most of the games but id also love to hit a switch and play Tecmo super bowl on an 60"

  16. I recently picked up an Extron Crosspoint Ultra 128 matrix switcher to achieve everything you've shown (minus HDMI) and it is a beast. 12 inputs and 8 outputs. While it isn't plug and play, it does work wonderfully when you've acquired all the adapters and cables you need.

    I highly recommend this over any other method due to the all-in-one nature of these switchers, and the ability to so many screens.

  17. Nice informative video as always, GTS. 
    Question: Does splitting an HDMI signal degrade the quality of it?

  18. I have to hook up my Atari 2600 my sega genesis my sega master system my Nes my ps2 and my original Xbox to one tv may Atari super pong to my black and white tv and my N64 and ps1 and my Nintendo GameCube to one tv does anyone care answer no

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