How to hook up multiple video game systems. (MT-VIKI 8 Ports 8-In 1-Out AV RCA Splitter)


Looking for a way to plug all your video game consoles into one tv? Do you have too many game systems and not enough A/V video in on your tv? Wish there was something more than the 3 way and 4 way rca splitters? Well here it is. The MT-VIKI 8 port switch. It allows you to hook up eight different systems to your TV and easily switch between them.

Organize you game room. Simplify your entertainment system.
it is very simple to set up and works quite well. Now I can easily play my different systems without the need to unplug one to plug in another.

Here is the link to find this on Amazon as of the making of this video.


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29 thoughts on “How to hook up multiple video game systems. (MT-VIKI 8 Ports 8-In 1-Out AV RCA Splitter)

  1. Hopefully I get a reply. I got an 8 port video audio Splitter. Not the switch. Can I still hook up multiple game consoles to a single tv? I cant seem to get it to work. Same brand.

  2. I have mine running through an hdmi converter..but my consoles still have a tracking line running up and down. Is it my cables the box or the converter?

  3. I have a smart TV that uses a 5 lead cable and I was wondering how to hook up a video game without going through all the trouble of unplugging the 5 lead cable every time I want to play a game

  4. I have that switch it is terrible. You will lose audio and the video with. E very grainy at times. If you wiggle it the AV will cut out. I have had 2 of these and both lasted about 6 months.

  5. This model works very well. Clean image and audio, I then run my composite out cables into a vintage video processor then into an Av to HDMI upscaler. Well worth it and world's cheaper than a framemeister

  6. Please can someone tell me how I can connect my nes, mega drive and master system using this? They all have rf cable jacks only on the back, thank you

  7. some consoles work fine but some of them there is no sound at all i dont know why ..does anyone have the same problem ?

  8. I just got one so i don't wear out the AV port on my TV any more when i switch to another console, like if i want to switch from my snes to my atari then my atari to my playstation 2.

  9. so how does this connect to a television if the only cables that you have are for the power for the splitter and the av for each console? what goes into the tv?

  10. I got this rca splitter and it aint working every time when i start up my game consoles and everything is set up correctly and its always saying no signal can someone reply to what im doing wrong

  11. well i only wanted to features how it works like and all n what a machine it is but what sucks is theres no hdmi port to switch to ur outputs device to ur tv even its ok but other then that just rely hope to buy 1 of those but if i have truble when the cables drags the device n i can get clip on stickers the stickers u use for any picture frames so that way it doesnt move away if it trys to hope i gave u guys another tip if u have bit of a truble if ur device may fall n u need any clip on stickers as u may find em in walmart kmart home depot or any stores near u

  12. instead of red white and yellow, in, can you convert that to hdmi then into a tv? my tv doesnt have those so would another layer of switch work?

  13. I just purchased one and tested it out and it doesn't work! Then when I plug my vcr directly to the back of the tv rather than to the splitter it works! The same goes with anyone of my other systems . My tv only says AVI on the input menu but when relayed through the splitter nothing appears.

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