How to hook up Nintendo Gamecube Component Cables with AV / Composite Cables. No Audio Fix.


The Gamecube Component Cables only are for the video. Most Component Cords have 5 ports. 3 for Video (Red, Blue and Green for video) and 2 for Audio (white and red). In the Gamecube’s case, you use the AV Port with the Red, Yellow White Composite Cables for Audio ( don’t use the yellow cable ) and the Digital Port with the Red, Blue, Green Component Cable for the Video.

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13 thoughts on “How to hook up Nintendo Gamecube Component Cables with AV / Composite Cables. No Audio Fix.

  1. Wait where do they go though, the cables, do they only go in their matching color plugs?

  2. Will this also work for the XBOX 360 with no HDMI, as I got the Component to work through the Audio Jack but no sound of course as there are only three ends.

  3. My composite connector is loose is their a fix it's annoying , it's not as bad as my n64 but I need to know if I can fix it.

  4. With all these brand new HDMI adapter plug in's for the gamecube that upscale it better and give it better sound for a much cheaper price than what the component cables are, I'm surprised they haven't gone down in price.

  5. hey man good video but what would happen if you plug all 6 in would the tv output the composite or component or what?

  6. Oh I'm sorry Anthony that I didn't see your no audio video sooner, I could have explained all that to you as well. So… you are correct it appears the Gamecube Component cables only have video (red blue green) cables. You get your audio from the composite cables, but getting rid of the enhanced definition video (480p) (yellow cable) and substituting 720p video (component cables) for the video instead. I'm sorry I didn't tune in earlier to help you out. Super glad that user Virtua Eric was able to chime in! =)

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