How to STOP Kittens From Biting You (6 Tips!)


Kittens are budding micro-panthers with a strong instinct to practice their hunting skills…and that includes BITING! But just because these fierce little felines have an instinct to bite does not mean that have to be biting YOU. In this video, I share 6 effective and easy tips for getting kittens not to bite you and your hands.

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20 thoughts on “How to STOP Kittens From Biting You (6 Tips!)

  1. My book, TINY BUT MIGHTY, is available for pre-order! Please support my efforts and learn more about saving the lives of the tiniest felines by placing a pre-order at 🙂

  2. I taught my kitten not to bite by yelping if she bit me at all and then stopping the play for a minute or two. She left her litter too early and I don’t think she knew not to bite too hard because of it but she learnt very quickly from the yelping. I’m all for talking to your cat like another cat would

  3. Hi .

    I had rescued a kitten almost like 5 days or a week old..from street..

    I was taking care for feeding it suddenly it bite me on my thumb..

    Though, the kitten had very minor teeth. Its effect was like pinching…

    Immediately I washed it off with running water n detergent powder.. thoroughly.

    After my thumbs got dried up.. I applied betadine solution..

    Now it has been approximately 2 days of its bite.. I wanted to know.. if I can treat minor bite with turmeric powder or betadine solution.. or do I need to visit doctor ??

  4. My kitten wants to bite feet and hands. I’ve tried giving him toys but he goes around them to get to my fingers instead. Any advice?

  5. When I play with my kitten cuddles he bites me sometimes but that's okay I just pet him and he just lets go and he purse🐱🐈

  6. ı have two kittens and their mom in my garden they are stray cats ı can touch the mom cat becouse she was in my garden too when she were little but the little ones are just scared of me now they are comfortable around me but not getting too close ı really want to cuddle them what can ı do?

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