How Top FPS Players Move In Game | Slicing The Pie (Destiny 2)


There’s one major habit that separates the best Destiny players from the rest of the pack: Playing With Intention. In part 2 of this video series, I break down two key movement mechanics that you’ll see any top FPS player doing regularly: Slicing The Pie & Strafe Peeking.

[Part 1] The #1 Thing That Separates Top FPS Players From The Rest:

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Slicing The Pie Military Footage Clip:

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22 thoughts on “How Top FPS Players Move In Game | Slicing The Pie (Destiny 2)

  1. Patty is the fucking man. Great info and your personal skills outshine most destiny players I've seen. Keep it up man

  2. When I joined the Marines in 2008 "slicing the pie" is exactly what we did for clearing angles on windows and when entering doorways. We just did it really fast. lol

    I also tend to try an deal as much damage to other enemies as possible even if I know I'm not going to get the kill so my teammates can clean it up. Do people really not do this just naturally?

  3. The term "high level" in destiny in non existent. Very informative video but when you said that I died of laughter lol. I love Destiny to death but the game is the biggest meme like all the time.

  4. I always 'slice the pie' only thing that annoys me is i can't switch to left-handed to clear the other side easier lol.

    I think tom Clancy's future soldier 2 let you do this it used to give you an advantage over players that didn't do it.

  5. Destiny in particular though has a sort of head glitch situation on close corner peeking where you are much harder to headshot depending on which side you peek from due to the way the sniper is held

  6. Pie cutting is a concept i was taught early on in law enforcement and it has been extremely useful in multiple different trainings and real building clearing situations. On top of that, even if friendly fire isn’t active in D2, you can block friendly ammo so always be aware of team mates especially if you dont have solid comms.

  7. Its weird bc Im use to these I learned these myself quickly but I sometimes forget people need to know these basics. Well done! Continue giving off these advice videos.

  8. Yo, I remember playing against you a week or two back and I found your channel through that name.
    Looking at these videos were really enlightening for my pvp experience and I'm happy to take a few of these pointers; It's helped keep my performance more consistently high, even when I have bad games.

  9. I never knew hugging walls was such a bad idea! Super helpful, especially with how sweaty destiny has been recently

  10. It does help explain why it always feels like you're getting shot through the wall when peeking or ducking back into cover.

  11. If anyone is curious about the fundamentals behind "slicing the pie", essentially where it comes from in CQB, this is a great video covering the topic: Now of course it delves into particulars (like say footwork) that don't apply to Destiny, or any FPS games for that matter, but for the most part I find it quite thorough in explaining the thinking behind clearing a threat area. It also goes hand in hand in understanding then the mistakes we make when say we over-commit to a fight when we have bad positioning, and so helps us learn where we went wrong. Thanks for attending my TED Talk!

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