Hungry Hog Challenge! SOLO DZ PVP #96 (The Division 1.8.3)


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In Today’s video, I will use the hungry hog and solo pvp. It was a bad one with only accurate and meticulous as talents. I start first with classified striker setup 9k stamina then I played like 1 hour with lone star, wished I used the lone star setup earlier because that one was actually good.

The challenge was to get manhunt 5 and sell it off, I could only use showstopper on npc that’s why Lonestar was better since it was very hard to get stacks. I got accussed of being a fake widdz lol and also they called me a cheater and told me they reported me.. Hope you guys enjoy the m60 hungry hog challenge.
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25 thoughts on “Hungry Hog Challenge! SOLO DZ PVP #96 (The Division 1.8.3)

  1. What’s up with the toxic players in this game lately dude they all wouldn’t be anything without there nomads lol

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