Infinity Terrain Tutorial – Making an Infinity Table Pt. 1


In this video we start building our sectional table for Infinity. We are really looking forward to getting full on into this game and we realised that the board given to you in the starter set is just that….a start. If we’re going to play Infinity we need a real 4×4 table.

So follow along with us as we show you how we built this table step by step. We had great fun making it and we hope it inspires you to have great fun making your own. To Infinity and beyond!

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9 thoughts on “Infinity Terrain Tutorial – Making an Infinity Table Pt. 1

  1. So this is totally off topic, but I saw the ESV and new testament books on the side. Are one you guys pastors or something? Lol

  2. I know i'm late to the party on this one but this layout would be great for zone movement games like zombicide as well.

  3. I am looking at building a board, and was wondering where to start. Now I have a better idea on what materials to get. Considering turning several sci-fi 2D Heroic Maps into 3D, using various cardstock terrain sets. Lots of Dave Graffam, Fat Dragon, World Works Games. Need to get more to kitbash sets. Thanks for uploading!

  4. Just bought two of the 2×2 MDF boards, to start planning a house table. I've purchased a few TME buildings from Plasticraft, to start populating the board. Psyched!

  5. I love the channel ideas. This is something I have planned n doing, but I am gonna steal the embedding it into the table idea. Which is better: a permanent table layout or one that can always be modified?

  6. Very nice, veery nice! Just one question, that maybe answered on the next video, this "MDF table" will be upside another normal table o you'll put it on some supports?

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