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Knights of the South Bronx is a 2005 TV film about a teacher who helps students at a tough inner-city school to succeed by teaching them to play chess. A business man becomes a substitute teacher in a tough school of South Bronx where parents of the students are mostly drug addicts or in jail or just scrambling to pay the bills. He teaches the children how to play the game of chess, and along the way they learn a lot about life.

The movie is based on the true story of David MacEnulty who taught schoolchildren of the Bronx Community Elementary School 70 to play at competition level, eventually winning New York City and the New York State Chess Championships.

Director: Allen Hughes
Producer: Dianne Nabatoff
Story: Jamal Joseph
Dianne Houston

Ted Danson – Mr. Richard Mason
Malcolm David Kelley – Jimmy Washington
Keke Palmer – Kenya Russell
Clifton Powell – Cokey
Devon Bostick – Darren
Brian Markinson – Arnie
Kate Vernon – Richard’s wife
Alex Karzis – Kasparov
Karen LeBlanc – Dolly
Philip Akin – Asst. Principal Hill
Yves Michel-Beneche – MD Duprais
Yucini Diaz – Renee
Antonio Ortiz – Dawson
Nicholas Carpenter – Dawson’s Opponent


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39 thoughts on “Knights of the South Bronx – 2005 TV film | Inspiring Chess Movie for Kids

  1. 1:24:47 The kid moved his Queen right in front of Dawson's Rook's line of fire… Dawson should have taken the Queen, and his opponent would have resigned.

  2. Hi, I am writing on befall of Chess TV, located and broadcasted in the country Georgia, Tbilisi since 2019.
    I am interested in streaming/distribution rights of the movie directed by Allen Hughes ‘Knights of the South Bronx’ (2005) for the wider chess lover audience.
    May I have any contact information in regards to the topic.



    Today on account of Teacher's Day,
    I would like to Dedicate a Movie which Depicts the Healthy Teacher-$tudents relationship, only if you can spare just 90 minutes of your Fleeting TIME!

    Trust me……
    It's worth your Precious Time.

    This Movie inspires me as a Teacher.

    Movie is Based on a Real life Event on the life of "David MacEnulty" !

    A must watch for every Teacher who are looking for some Inspiration in their Teaching World.

    That $ounds like a Request to all .

    I would like to $ign off with my Favourite Quote :-

    The Mediocre Teacher Tells.

    The Good teacher _Explains_.

    The $uperior Teacher Demonstrates.

    The Great Teacher Inspires
    William Ward


  4. Who saw Jimmy request a draw when he had a king and a pawn vs a king? Noooooo! Win!
    Love this film. Where’s my set?

  5. I like how in the final match the white girl plays with white pieces and the black girl plays with black pieces

  6. Been looking for this movie for so long. I watched it when I was in the 4th grade. Stuck in my mind since then for every move i made in my life so far. How ironic. What a great movie man !! Thanks for putting it up on here.

  7. When I first seen this movie, I was in 5th grade. I was in a similar situation, I was raised in the south Bronx and we had our own chess team. Of course, at first no one took the game seriously; we did not have professional chess instructors to teach us the game. We did not have funds or let alone, know someone who would be willing to teach us. I, became one of the best chess players in my team and I was motivated just like the little. After 2 years my chess team, P.S./I.S. 218, made a name of ourselves within this small chess community. My chess mates improved and later we received our first donation funds for our first ever national. Before even that happened, our team kept winning trophies, plaques, one after another every week. Eventually we reached to 14 plaques, and many went home with trophies. We later then went to nationals at Minnesota. We was all psyched, at the end we got 25th place out of 200+ other schools. True story. I have a ore thorough interpretation of beginning to end, if you are interested just comment on this. But this movie played a key function on our team.

  8. board is set wrong at 1:18:46!!!!! The board is 90 degrees the wrong way. From Black's perspective the white King should be on the left side which means there are black squares on the right side of both players.

  9. what is this school of rock? if any teacher stopped teaching common core and started teaching chess to their students, theyd be fired in a week.

  10. Love these kids, so amazing. The little 5 yr. old i'll adopt in a heart beat, the older who played the girl from Philadelphia had a beautiful warm soul. Some kids need love, understanding and confidence, the first 2 will give them the confidence they need to feel equal to anyone .

  11. I have never seen such inspiring credits, (just before the credits), at the end of any movie,–ever!

  12. 1:12:55;
    I just notice the little things, like 5 point red stars from hollywood in "artwork". See where team sports lead?

  13. The 5 year old kid, (youngest). In a true free society, it is that spirit of a inquisitive child,—– that would last a lifetime.
    Wake up each day, with the spirit you knew as a child.

  14. His wife never stops to "think", —–"Maybe I should have earned a marketable degree too.".
    Good looking, but a welfare case.

  15. I can't watch you play Baseball son. Now stop crying, stop it. You are more emotional than your Mother for crying out loud. I can't watch because it is a boring game, and I can't stand seeing you pushed around by some baby sitter coach. Why do you let him tell you what to do? You know you could have stolen that base you were telling me about. Let me share a secrete with you son. Team sports are for losers, for people that have to be told what to do. Here, here is a dirt bike and some wrenches. Go racing and use your own mind to win.

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