Let's Play Ziggurat – Episode 1 – Gameplay Introduction


We begin our Let’s Play of Ziggurat, a first-person roguelike in which you take control of an apprentice wizard taking part in his final trial for graduation. During this Let’s Play we’ll offer light critique, humor and review commentary while discussing Ziggurat’s gameplay mechanics.

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Who is Splattercat?

I’m a Let’s Player gamer from Northern California who enjoys video games of all varieties. While I do game on the Xbox360 and Wii occasionally, most of the content that is featured on this channel will be new PC game releases and Indie PC Games.I publish videos daily so be sure to check in and see what’s been going with me here at the Nerd Castle. My upload schedule typically includes one main series which is uploaded daily, followed by two minor series’ which are alternated days. This means you get two videos a day with alternating content on alternating days. I enjoy Strategy games, RPGs of all varieties, and Sandbox games, so many times my content will reflect this in my game selections. If you’re into humor, banter, or slightly off topic discussion while I play you’ll probably find something to like here. I try to keep my content mostly clean, but language / Adult jokes may make an appearance on occasion. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you in the future comments!

What is Ziggurat?

Ziggurat is a dungeon crawling FPS, with procedurally generated scenarios and encounters. You’ll face dozens of dangerous enemies while you find new and powerful spells, and learn helpful perks in your quest to overcome this deadly test.

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30 thoughts on “Let's Play Ziggurat – Episode 1 – Gameplay Introduction

  1. I have 8 hours into this game and I just learned there are loading screens in this game by watching your videos….

  2. It is always a sign of a bad balance and poor game mechanic, when you need to go backward and shoot enemies every time they appear.

  3. What does XP stand for?? EXPERIENCE DUMBASS. Say whole words and stop being rappers people. Not everyone has to abbreviate things when SPEAKING. Rappers and rap fans do I guess.

  4. "I'd be up in here with a claymore." What a disappointing thing to say while playing a mage-based game! :O 😛 Most of the time when I'm playing games, I'm thinking "Man, if only I have magic in this!"

  5. Just for people who think, it's a Hexen 3:
    Hexen has a real level design and a complexe one (same for heretic), and real RPG element, items and all.
    Ziggurat is very simple and generic, Hexen had 4 weapons per class but it's because it's a game based on the exploration/rpg style.
    I played Ziggurat for some hours but it's so boring…. 20e for this…hard.
    Squared room too with some stairs….horrible x)

  6. Thanks for the vid. friend. Though for this gamer it does NOT look like fun at all! More like the other F-word no not the four letter word either! I think you know what I mean. Anyway thanks again & happy gaming!

  7. Die expecto proteomem or some crap like that i don't know I don't read the Harry Potter books

    Soooo many people unsubbed at this time

  8. Hello SplatterCat, i have been watching your videos since you had 3 digits viewers and subscribers (ShadowRunners).
    I am happy to see you have all those views and the subscribers. Way to go man!! You well deserve it 🙂

    Greetings from Egypt

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