Limbo Miniatures: Unboxing Limbo: Eternal War add ons!


Took a look at some of the various plastic add ons that were available for Limbo: Eternal War, a new skirmish game/ board game/ boxed set available from Limbo Miniatures. Scale is a bit bigger, bases are quite large, but that’s how they’re intended to play.
Sculpt detail is nice. It’s not resin quality but the size definitely helps the details show more strongly.
Now idea if/ when this stuff will be available through retail, but there are rumblings about them doing future expansions and/ or a reprint for the game back on Kickstarter in the future.


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8 thoughts on “Limbo Miniatures: Unboxing Limbo: Eternal War add ons!

  1. Waaaw….. those are some insane (not so) minis. The big guy with the mouth at the top is supreme. Do you have a link or anything? I'm on their website but the range is small and I seem to be missing where the kickstarter is…

  2. Some pretty incredible minis in that selection. The Bone Golem leaves Whiz Kids one in the dust. Loved the winged female chimera.

  3. Thanks for the review. Seeing the size comparison with other models is nice as well. We are glad you enjoyed your product. To answer a few questions: We plan to do a second run as we will not have enough copies for retail. We are waiting on feedback as there are many things that could be improved. Stay tuned for more info

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