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Stock Products used in this video;


Music: The Arrival by Thomas Vo.

Software Used in this video;

Trapcode Particular:

Element 3D:

Jet Strike and Flight Kit:
Cinema 4D:

After Effects:

Harry Frank’s Motion Path Tutorial:

RSMB (Reel Smart Motion Blur):

Video Description:
In this video, I introduce a visual effects shot I created in after effects based on dogfighting scenes from the movie Ender’s Game. I also show you exactly how I achieved the Alien Swarm effect in the shot. The video Focuses on using visual effects software, specifically. Adobe After Effects, Video Copilot Element 3D, and Red Giant Trapcode Particular. The first in a series of 3 Videos.


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46 thoughts on “Make an Alien Swarm from Ender's Game | VFX tutorial | Crest VFX

  1. Thank you very much for this.  This tutorial set me on the right path learning about Trapcode Particular.  I went about creating my own Alien Swarm a couple of years back ..which in hindsight looks bloody awful, but it was this tutorial that got me more comfortable and familiar using the plug in.  I realised I'm well over due to pay my respects, Superb sir!

  2. I thought the particulars were going to be made then brought in from a dedicated 3d software. Still a decent tutorial.

  3. Hi firstly great tutorial, but I'm wondering if its possible to only have a single 3D object moving along the light motion path like for example a single jet fighter doing a complicated loop or a ribbon movement. Thanks!

  4. I love this!  Improvement suggestion:  The jets look like there hovering.  I think some parallax is needed with the clouds in the background so there is some feeling of motion.Any plan to finish the mother ship tutorial?

  5. I think it would look much better if you spoiled it a bit, with debris, fog, smoke, flares etc, it would look less fake. Either way, great job!

  6. 2 tips:
    1. If the sun orange and it tints the flying objects then in real life the clouds are also orange. At the moment it is way off the screen.
    2. If you replace your laptop's screen, then also consider to match the DOF as well. If you take a look at it, you see that the laptop is out of focus, but your replaced screen isn't.

  7. Hi boss, how are you doing? this tutorials has really help me a lot, thank you very much. just to let you know that, I am looking forward to the part two of this very tutorial, thanks again 

  8. I checked out too. Lots of great stuff there. I mostly just watch Andrew Kramer but this is an effect I really need to learn.

  9. Eagerly waiting for the next episode. I am going to try and pull this off in a sci-fi webseries I'm doing. And I have only started VFX and editing about 6 months ago.

  10. Saw the ending, looked great. The just fighters looked too stiff and unrealistic though. However, the mothership looked awesome.  Aww, no models? Then, how are we going to follow this tutorial?? When is the next video?

  11. Good work, although the ship needs to be match-graded to the sky, and the planes physics need to be improved. But well done, you did a good job with what you had.

  12. At the composition settings window, choose the advanced tab. If you adjust the shutter angle there, you can adjust the motion blur effect.

  13. If it was colour corrected as people previously said, it would've been the cherry on the cake. But otherwise, I found it really informative and helpful! Keep up the awesome work!

  14. I… I… I need part 2. ASAP. This tutorial is great, but I'm especially looking forward to seeing your modeling process!

  15. Give me one year and i do better things! I
    It's joke of corse. This looks amaizing and you do really fantastic job! 
    Greetings from Poland 😉 

  16. thi is very cool but clouds stuck…and everything isnt homogeneous… maybe you should move the clouds with liquify and work on lights… then apply some filters to make all homogeneous. I mean this is my opinion you already did a great job and i appreciated your tutorial

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