Making a 2D game – Cannonballers workflow in photoshop


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He Man (GBA)
Terminator 3 (GBA)


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38 thoughts on “Making a 2D game – Cannonballers workflow in photoshop

  1. hi there, only photoshopo? I think People use ilustrator to render and test it out in a game engine…cool….! thx.

  2. Wo! Great little video, just perfect for this subject.
    I've been separated from the TK school of whatever for too long. Certainly a big influence on me at the beginning of my Game Art journey. Brilliant, its like coming home.

  3. This is quite interesting. Albeit I am developing my own game using pixel graphics, I have thought about using raster in the future. The only problem is how blurry or weird the images might look when subjected to different sizes and angles. So I have to wonder whether you and your colleagues design these with the specific goal of keeping the same exact size regardless of resolution OR if there's already a solution for the differing sizes.

    Excellent video! Liked and subscribed! 🙂

  4. When you reduce the size of your sprite in photoshop, how do you reduce the size without losing the quality? Sorry for my english

  5. for anyone: I want to learn what kind of drawing style is that. what's the name? also where to learn. please give me some information. Thanks in advance..

  6. "Doesn't look like an exact triforce" – Looks like an exact triforce, down to color values of shadows and highlights.

  7. What could have been cool to try out is a smart object that has that perspective taper down near the bottom, so you could paint the props in an isometric view, drop them all into the smart object, and it would add that touch of perspective.

  8. Idk what you said in the last few seconds of the video but I subscribed!! 😂😂🤙🏽 Great stuff!!

  9. As a designer. I would go crazy over the destructive way of working. Scaling. Scaling back. What if you need it larger later?

  10. hi, your "Easy Art Lessons 1-5 (Beginner) – Learn to Draw on paper!" are also appropriate for digital drawing with Tablet? Have you tried Krita, do you have comments about that free software comparing with photoshop? thanks

  11. Thank you for posting things like this! It's so helpful to see what kind of work you do on a day to day basis and what skills you need. +1 Subscriber

  12. I absolutely loved this sort of insight into your work process, but it's understandable if this isn't the sort of video most of your clients would let you make. Thanks for the excellent content!

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