MHW Iceborne | The Only Weapon You'll Ever Need + New Full Bloom Festival Items!


Here’s a look at the new items available in the Full Bloom Festival in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

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20 thoughts on “MHW Iceborne | The Only Weapon You'll Ever Need + New Full Bloom Festival Items!

  1. You can use your capture net to catch the Great whetfish if you miss all the fish in the pond will Run and you have to wait for them ahah so a 50/50 chance

  2. Can someone help me i have the iceborne version of the game but i only have access to the 'Spring Blossom Fest' I CANNOT FIND the area where you can acccept these quests is it not in Astera?

  3. if you're soloing the whetfish quest you should start in southwest camp then run to zone 1 with the ghillie or assassin's mantle. use the net to catch the giant whetfish near the island platform then go to central camp to fish up the other one. I've been farming this quest for the fins and I average about 65 seconds per run.

  4. I couldn’t affotd ice borne. I wish i have it. I quite case of ice borne. I really wish there r base item as strong as ice borne item.

  5. The only weapon where if you threaten to beat your monster to death with a dead fish; that you can then follow threw. Lol 2 of em. You can even sharpen the scales. Lol

  6. Would be good if some other weapon types got some unique weapons. I'd like to play some bubble sounds with a bubble pipe hunting horn or something.

  7. i grabbed these for fun like all event quest rewards, but they are actually really cool, and most importantly with very good stats

  8. so the ps syncing is causing all of the errors now. i get kicked more often now. i have the assassin hood etc but did not get any upgrades etc doing the mission.

  9. Btw the whet fish quest is made 100x easier bring ghille mantle spawn area 1 run to river capture the great fish easiest to tell which fish it is by the size obviously it is the largest next fast travel to camp six with ghille suit still on capture net done bring 3 pieces of kiri armor for the luck perk

  10. I got in to this vid cuz I really thought those dual blades were strong, better than Brachydios ones… but they’re trash asf, the only cool thing is that they jiggle.

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