Old Shockwave Games #1 – FFX Runner


► Old Shockwave Games #1 – FFX Runner ◄


– Game: FFX Runner (On The Run)
– Year: 2005
– Developer: Officine Pixel
– Publisher: Miniclip


My Computer:
– CPU: Intel Core i7-3770 3.40 GHz
– GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB
– RAM: 16 GB
– OS: Windows 10 | 64 bit
– HDD: 1.5 TB


Programs used:
– Bandicam
– VEGAS Pro 15.0


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25 thoughts on “Old Shockwave Games #1 – FFX Runner

  1. at 0:33 the cars parked at the right were from other games this guys made. At least the last red race car was from another race game. A little easter egg or maybe they just reused the model XD

  2. Use to play this game every single day in elementary school only beat it like once fun and scary at the same time lol

  3. How can I play this game again ? If I want to play this game it will automatically ask me to download a DCR file? but how can I play this game as a DCR file ?

  4. hi can you pls tell me how to run old miniclip games like these the majority of them are gone and i still can visit the old website but the games crash upon beginning any level

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