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Skyworks developed lots of titles for Candystand, Nabisco, Postopia, etc. As can be indicated by yours truly, the mini golfs are some of their more popular titles from that time. Since I never actually went on Postopia back in the day, though, I was surprised to realize just how much in common the site had with the others I’ve frequented. It even had its own mini golf game built on the same fundamentals. Kinda. This one does some things differently.

Every hole starts you out with a third-person perspective behind the golfer. Once you make the shot successfully, you’re put into the usual top-down view. There are nine holes, but the set pieces are nevertheless as creative and colorful as the ones themed after Life Savers and Nabisco cookies. The controls take getting used to, though; there’s an animation delay for your shots this time.

If you want to play this game, I highly recommend checking out BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint. This is a preservation project for all games and animations made in Flash and obsolete Internet plugins, and you would be able to play them immediately and without Internet once they first boot on your computer. I’ve archived lots of games for it, myself.

Check it out here:


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