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Need ideas for a SCART, component, or BNC matrix switcher? In this episode, we go over general switcher tips and check out a bunch of RGB and component switchers – including Bandridge, gscartsw, Hydra, Extron CrossPoints, gcompsw, and more!

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24 thoughts on “RGB and Component Switchers – gscartsw, Hydra, and Extron :: RGB308 / MY LIFE IN GAMING

  1. I came up with a set-up that worked for me. I started with an Extron Crosspoint 300 Series 168 HV, so I had sixteen inputs and sixteen outputs. However, they were just R, G, B, H, and V. There were no Phoenix connectors or any other setup for audio. Now, I use YPbPr component, which only uses three connectors for video, so I thought I could just use the H and V for makeshift audio. However, that was no good. The box did some sort of automatic adjustment to the H an V lines, presumably to clean up sync, which ruined the audio signal. I never figured out a way to turn it off.

    For awhile, I thought I would be stuck chaining audio switchboxes together, as I had thirteen positions filled on the Extron, and it is hard to find an audio switch to cope with that. I have no amp, so I had to funnel audio into at most two outputs for my big TV and PVM. Then I found a switchbox by Distribution Technology. I think it was for security cameras, as it had a BNC port for composite video and RCA for left and right audio. It had fifteen inputs and one output, so it solved my audio problem.

  2. I got the same Monoprice component switcher three years ago. I noticed that it suddenly has interference. How do I fix it? Anything I can do to shield it?

  3. Hey Coury and Try! Quick question. At 10:48, instead of using the Dsub output with a HD15 to BNC cable to a PVM, couldn't you also just use a Scart to BNC breakout cable and output through the Scart connector on the Gscart?

    Thanks again!

  4. 10:39–11:05 I have an Extron video processor with 15-pin D-SUB input that ostensibly takes RGBHV and RGBs signal, and outputs either to RGBHV. This unit is capable of line-doubling for 240p from composite or component inputs and outputting to VGA, so I'm confident it can do the same for D-SUB. I also have BNC to D-SUB cable, made for RGBHV. My question is, if I'm using a cable from wookiewin to connect a Genesis to this converter cable, and then to the Extron unit, which sync BNC cable should I be using? Or should I buy a different cable altogether?

  5. 1.Sega Genesis Csync have trouble when using framemeister
    2.we had trouble getting things to work through the extron to the framemeister without a sync stripper adapter

    Me: I think OSSC is better

  6. Extron could theoretically handle any retro console that doesn't have an hdmi mod and has such customization qualities that for someone like me who's trying to translate japanese exclusive games, it's perfect, the switching capabilities are incredible

  7. Just got the hydra v2 which now has 2 outputs as well as the 8 or 16 inputs. What a beast of device, i love it!

  8. Hi,

    I bought a Hydra 2 revised scart switch. It‘s powered by USB. So my question is: is a USB port of my TV enough power for the switch or is a USB charger nessesary?

    Good thing would be that the switch would only be powered if the TV is turned on if the 5V 1A USB port (on the Samsung one connect box) would be sufficient.


  9. The gcompsw would've been a perfect companion for my Retrotink 2x if it had S-Video. I settled for searching ebay for an old Pelican 8 input switcher instead, since that had composite, component, and S-Video

  10. I recently bought a cheap scart switchbox but it drasticly lowers audio volume from my n64 and hdmi2av converter. My og xbox and gamecube connected to the same switchbox still have good sound. Do I need a better switchbox output cable? Any ideas?

  11. If doing component direct from console to the matrix, Can we just hook audio into the h and v of the component matrix with a bnc adaptor, or is the Phoenix absolutely necessary?

  12. Got one of those at 2:05 from goodwill about a year or two back for the component video and especially s video for in relations to modern or most of any flat panel tv model seems to lack s video ports at best only have a single s video port as frustrating as it is

  13. I have 2 Switcher from Joytech AV Center (scart 6 Inputs RGB & YUV 5 inputs + xbox 360 special input) they work fine and i buy them cheap on ebay and wolfsoft (german gaming store) + high quality Scart Cable from Amazon for the output to ossc. Only my Saturn RGB Cable is a cheap one 🤐

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