"RIDE THE BUS" drinking game


Our late good friend Aaron Ulisse taught us this fun addictive drinking game called “Ride the Bus”. To play you need a standard deck of playing cards, at least three people, and a fair amount of alcohol depending on how many rounds you play. You start by passing out cards to everyone playing. If 3 or 4 people are playing pass them 5 cards, if 5 or 6 are playing give them 4 cards. If there are more than 6 playing only pass out three to each person. Now you lay cards on the table in the shape of a pyramid. Start with a row of 5 cards then lay a row of 4 cards above that. Then three cards, then 2 then one card to complete the pyramid. You begin the game by flipping a card from the first row (bottom row) if anyone has a card that matches that card they throw it down and are awarded one drink to anyone playing. If you have two matching cards you give out two drinks. Once you flip all of the first row over move to the second row. All these cards (4) are worth two drinks. The third row is worth 3 drinks. The fourth worth 4 drinks, and finally the last row (1 card) is worth 5 drinks. Whoever still has the most cards after the pyramid of cards are all turned over loses and has to ride the bus. RIDING THE BUS: Shuffle all the cards and pass out 5 cards to the person who has to ride the bus. They then flip over one card at a time. If a card reads 10 or lower then they are safe. If the card reads jack or higher (ace being the highest two being the lowest) then they must take the number of drinks accordingly. Jack=1 drink+extra card, Queen=2 drinks+2 extra cards, King=3 drinks+3 extra cards, Ace=4 drinks+4 extra cards. So every time they flip over a card that reads jack or higher they take the drinks and are given more cards. The ride the bus punishment ends when the person riding the bus flips all their cards over without getting any more extra cards (face up=done, cards face down=still riding the bus. Now go drink and have fun.

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