ruining 50,002,142 lives with a category 10 hurricane


ruining 50,002,142 lives with a category 10 hurricane
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Florida man never forgives.

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Grow your hurricane by navigating warm waters, acquire skills and abilities. Cause destruction and death in cities along the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and United States Eastern Sea Board regions. Features over 1000 simulated cities, 20 unique upgrades and realistic hurricane behavior that will make every play through different. How much destruction can you cause?

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40 thoughts on “ruining 50,002,142 lives with a category 10 hurricane

  1. Grey recreated hurricane sandy and slammed into the jersey shore while shouting for Passaic county I’m—he just decimated my states economy 😂

  2. 10:33 Bold of you to assume that someone would now what to do if there was a real hurricane in Brazil, we would probably go out and film a Category 10 hurricane

  3. woudnt it be great if you use a computer to trigger and control all weather around the world. So when you see overpopulation you just trigger a buch of tornados in that area or a couple of catagory 10 earthquakes to level a entire city.

  4. Damnit Gray, what’ve I told you about playing with Ouija Boards?!?

  5. 10:06 you're doing donuts on my beautiful country dude. You just fucked up Costa Rica LOL

    Your videos are awesome by the way, greetings!!

  6. I live in Canada and even on I don’t I’m not even a little defend offended I’m not sure I have created it in the game

  7. When I first saw the thumbnail I got scared and thought "is this the onion?" It wasn't and got more scared then I realized it was a game after I saw the title

  8. Me being from Panama: well. That was unexpected. Cuz we never ever have tornados, hurricanes or tsunamis xd

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