Rust Tutorial: Best Armor and Clothing (BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE)


This video is all about teaching you about what rust armor is the best for the different environments and why.

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25 thoughts on “Rust Tutorial: Best Armor and Clothing (BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE)

  1. I tried playing the game and it’s a lot different now? Is this a different game i’m playing or what happened?

  2. Hazmat makes you take more dmg, do not wear this! You also want gloves not boots, Road sign is better then bone ageist bullets bone is better ageist arrows, in the update you made this bone pants where better because it covered more of your leg but in the current update there armour covers your whole body so roadsign kilt is now meta, don't change out your kit for the snow just fucking take your armour off and put it back on when your in combat, i don't know the ratios for the new bone armour. Potato :')

  3. gloves or boots? does wearing one protect the whole body like any RPG game? or does it protect certain limbs?

  4. Guys here's a tip ive watched a vid where it shows that the bone leg armor is slightly better than roadsign

  5. Instead of the boots, i would rather wear gloves, more chance of getting him in the hands due to recoil and it nearer the chest, meaning its more likely to get shot in the hands than the feet. Not entirely sure on the stats for the gloves but pretty sure they do close to the protections the boots do against bullets if not the same. Do you agree, not too sure if what I've been doing has much benefit.

  6. I think bone armour even though metal armour help pvp much more the bone increases animal explosion (I've survived a land mine with it on) and fire and overall seems to be better

  7. I'm pretty sure that the bucket helmet protects better (also in a larger area) than the riot helmet. The riot helmet only protects from melee attacks if I'm not incorrect, and the bucket helmet protects everything except from your face 🙂
    Please respond since I wanna know what's true 😛

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