Schnapsen: Best 2-Person Card ♦️ Game Tutorial


This master-class video has been UPDATED:

Austrian Schnapsen (based on German “66”), is an awesome point-trick card game that uses European point system:
A = 11
10 = 10
K = 4
Q = 3
J = 2
You try to “go out” with 66 points in won tricks. If you get a “royal marriage” ( KQ pair, trump suit) worth 40 points, you may be confident to close the talon and play out cards in hand. But if you don’t get 66, the last trick played wins entire hand. A “plain marriage” (KQ same-suit) is worth 20 points.

Scoring for hands won goes like this:
2 points if >= 66 points and opponent < 33 points
1 points if >= 66 points and opponent <= 33 points
3 points if >= 66 points and opponent didn’t win any trick.
1 point for last trick won if talon/hand is exhausted.

You play game to 7 points: German “66” scores 0 to 7; Schnapsen scores 7 to 0.

In informal games, you may look at your own won-trick cards.

Trump Jack may be replaced with facing trump card at bottom of talon.

Lead trick and opponent do not have to play trump (trump always wins trick), but other player must play led suit or trump if he/she has it, after 1) talon is closed or 2) talon is exhausted.

Schnapsen is a romantic game that evokes winter evenings by the fireplace, in a Teutonic forest cabin, with a special lover ❤️

“Menace” by laweffect:

Schnapsen rules:


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18 thoughts on “Schnapsen: Best 2-Person Card ♦️ Game Tutorial

  1. This tutorial is not a good one, as it is misinforming you. Se on 2:55 you don't HAVE to follow a suite, as the hand is a) not closed, b) you can still buy a card after a move. You only HAVE to follow a suite if game is closed or there are no more cards to be drawn. So on his first move you can still reply with Jand thats a wasted king on opponents side.

  2. By the way, you can only announce any marriage (in most cases) after you have taken at least one trick.

  3. you do know they have the queen of spades, you used it for the marriage and they won the trick with it. but at least this minor mistake shows memory of trick cards won is important.

  4. I think you can only declare marriage only if your playing a card first. Also you should have the nines that are worth 0 points but you can use the trump nine to switch it with whichever trump is under the deck during your turn – also if its your turn to pick the last card and you have the trump nine in your hand, you can give it to your opponent and you will take the last 2 cards (trump and one facing down). My dad used to play many years ago, I am getting flashes of the rules. 🙂

  5. Nice try, didn't watch full yet.

    You should have explained the ingame games.

    Game for 6 points (Šnops)
    7 points (little man)
    9 points (giant)
    12 points (farmer)
    24 points (extreme farmer)

  6. For the complete rules of Schnapsen, the simple strategies, and more expert strategy, may I suggest the book Winning Schnapsen, published in 2015? There is a description of the book at .

  7. Why would you start explaining strategy before you explained the rules? You made this way to confusing. Start with the basics when you are explaining the game to a beginner.

  8. You're actually making a mistake there: You are only allowed to play this "plain marriage" when you are playing the first card. Your opponent played the 10 of clubs, therefore you are not allowed to play the plain marriage. Your opponent can even force you to split up the King and the Queen without playing them as a pair this way.

  9. Do you play Schnapsen? @11:15 I neglected to declare 66 and win the hand! Got to pay attention to points, else whoever wins last trick wins the hand.

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