Stonehenge Boardgame Review – Ninja Book Box 📚


Firstly, we know! This has nothing to do with books!

Just like most of the globe we are currently stuck indoors so we thought we would introduce you to one more of our families loves, Board games!

We have a rather big collection of games, including a few literary inspired ones, so if you enjoy this review of one of our favourites please do like the video, subscribe to our channel and leave a comment or two below, and we may end up doing some more reviews 👍 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Stonehenge Boardgame Review – Ninja Book Box 📚

  1. Really enjoyed this review! I love board games but would not have thought to buy one from English Heritage – I'm going to go and check out their site now.

  2. just incase anyone wants to buy a copy!

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