Supernova Gameplay – Strategy SciFi MOBA


This is a sponsored video with Bandai Namco’s game Supernova, an RTS/MOBA mix with SciFi elements!
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46 thoughts on “Supernova Gameplay – Strategy SciFi MOBA

  1. Shame that this game seems to be dead. It was very good. I love the element where you command the units to push the land. You build the wrong units. You will loose your lane fast. Also I love Itarri a real fun commander to play.

  2. Tell me friend – Supernova is closed? Already in May 2016 absolutely no news on the official website.

  3. I say go for making different videos on various games, it's always cool seeing new and refreshing stuff. This game looks really interesting. 😀

  4. hey redmercy really enjoyed this video. i dont care that its sponsored ! i think people may dislike sponsored if its just encouraging the viewer throughout the game to buy the game or merch youre showcasing. but yours doing great ! keep up the good work.

  5. Why da fuq does ppl even mind u doing a video u get payed for???????????????????????????? I PROEMS THAT EVERONE OF U GUYS WOULD LOVE TO FKING PLAY A GAME OR SOMESHIT AND GET MONEY 🙂

  6. I really like how you are starting to diversifying your channel Red. You should throw us some other gameplay video of different games here and there.

  7. Looks like a pretty decent game, the gameplay seems very slow, but that's what you get for adding rts to a moba. It's obviously a ploy to differentiate Supernova from the numerous other mobas already out, and I think it would've worked better as either a really good rts, or a pretty decent moba. It's just looks awkward dryhumping both genres together, but I can definitely see where they were trying to go.

  8. Don't take shame in helping a small community game and showing it off because you enjoy it, your not only helping that company but also providing us with a video to watch, people shouldn't disrespect a youtuber for what they decide to do with THIER channel, like ffs don't be shelfish

  9. Ever since bro fresco made his video all these league youtuber a claim they get sponsors I really doubt it tbh

  10. I don't get why people get butthurt when people make sponsored videos. It's a great way for devs to get their game out there without spending a stupid amount of money on tv adds and stuff. This game looks really fun and I am gonna check it out.

  11. U should try vainglory, is also a great moba, i learned how to play games like league, dota, because of that game

  12. total copy… not that i support lol… its a copy aswell from dota which is from warcraft… BUT at least lol had its own idea and mechanics… this is just copy… but new graphics and names

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