Teburu: A New Evolution in Board Games


The next generation of board game technology is here.

CMON and Xplored are proud to bring you Teburu, a brand-new gaming system that allows players to seamlessly integrate the physical and digital worlds. As players move their pieces around the board, RFID chips in the model’s bases interact with the electronic game pad, letting their actions be reflected in the digital version of the game, which is shown on a main screen, as well as player’s individual smart devices. Even the dice rolls are incorporated, as the special dice have internal sensors and transmitters, so results are instantly displayed in the digital version of the game.

Teburu will be on Kickstarter in 2020.

The first game for the Teburu system is Zombicide Evolution – Las Vegas. Players will have a chance to try out this exciting new game at Gen Con 2019 at the CMON booth (#417).

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4 thoughts on “Teburu: A New Evolution in Board Games

  1. zombicide and other games where made simple so you can handle de rules on you mind, for me this is misconseption.. we have board games.. we have tabletop simulator.. this is a limbo creation.
    PS: dont get me wrong this thing can have a future in more complex games like mage knight. (sry f mi english)

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