The Bitter Reality Of Video Game Addiction


The Cold Reality Of Video Game Addiction
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I’m sharing this video in an uncomfortable state as it is very personal. Not every secret is easily told. If this video helps just one person who is addicted to video games, than I will feel good about putting myself out there.

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40 thoughts on “The Bitter Reality Of Video Game Addiction

  1. This topic means a lot to me as I have had to overcome a lot of hardship to not be "addicted to video games" any longer. My hope with this video is that people take video game addiction very seriously. If you think it will help anybody, please share this video around with your friends and such. My life has been formed around this addiction, and i'm sure many people have been and are in the same boat as I was. So please respect this topic and be polite to those that contribute or share their stories.

    If it helps at least someone out there, than this video is a success to me.

    If you have a story to share, please do so.

  2. For the first time in my life… I realise that I am addicted to video games.. thank you for sharing your story man, it's inspiring.

  3. Always remember, what many considering leveling up your life is just as "meaningless" as playing video games. If there are things you are not achieving in real that you want to achieve, or it is hurting things you probably should achieve (finding a relationship, getting fit, etc) then maybe worry about it. But if you are happy have a chill life but sitll play tons of video games? Don't let someone tell you that you are addicted to it just because you play alot. Someone would never tell someone they are addicted to books basketball or chess.

  4. I had this video queued in watch later for years. Was too scared to watch it. I'm not playing anymore. I've been addicted for too long.

  5. Now this is like watching a really weird bad movie.My answer would be…do not play LOL or any othergames that take that ammount of time,focus on single player games.FE I dont play RPG annymore ,the last RPG I played was Skyrim and I lost 300 hrs on that game.I still play a lot of games but I have it(for the most part) under control.Sure I have days when I cant control myself but for the most part Im ok.I didnt like this video because is cliche .

  6. Just sold my PC the addiction is to much its just not worth it… With the money I decided to get 2 of the things I've wanted for a while. I got a dangerdeere pick lot set always have wanted to learn. Also bought a glock 43 our family has only a 380… Only 12 feels hard to quit…

  7. i don't know who is reading this, since i was 17 year old i got addicted to cs go dayz and bf4 and such, i lost all my years had 0 accomplishments just b cuz of "gaming", now i'm 21 years old and trying to get back up on my feet. to whoever is reading this, control yourself and don't be like me, play video games its fun, but dont make them your to do list every day for 24 hours straight, don't waste your life, thank you and i hope you have a nice day.

  8. Everything life has to offer comes at a cost, and addiction is a natural human condition, no regular human can live without a little addiction, whether it is loving to work hard or loving to play video games a lot. Besides being obsessed with being not addicted to anything is also an addiction, addiction is everywhere you go, there is no escape, it is inside of all of us, the treatment to addiction will most likely be, guess what, another addiction (mostly addiction to treating the addiction(I know… the irony of it… but that’s just how life is)), because there are no limits to exaggeration.

  9. 5000 hours in 8 years? Lmao. I have that in Skyrim alone and I've played much more in other games too. Rookie numbers!

  10. Luckily I have a parent that says it is ok to play Dota 2, but only for one to two hours. I was lucky to do well at school and did not fail my class. So it is about balancing your life. For example, I have a problem is focusing on one thing too much. My favorite subject at high school is math. Been getting As and Bs in that course while the rest of the subject I Did try my best. Another one as said earlier is Dota 2 where it is the only game to play. So addiction to anything too much can ruin your life. Be careful that is what I need to say.

  11. The fact that you had/have a serious addiction of any kind, speaks of a psychological problem that needs professional help.
    If it's not games, it's something else.
    Drugs. Porn. Gambling. Alcohol Something.
    Find out what causes, has caused or maybe will cause the addiction.

  12. I handle my responsibilities, spend time with family, have a healthy marriage, save a ton of money, hold a 3.8 GPA (gi bill) for engineering and have made many friends online but I still get shit for playing 6 to 7 hours a day. It's a rare time where for about 3 years I can play as much as I want. Its the best outlet I've found for my depression and anxiety. I've had many friends in the past and they didnt amount to anything. I have enough love in my life. I'm not aching for more. I may be addicted, but I dont think its unhealthy. The annoying part is getting judged by everyone else because they think I'm not doing shit, when I'm checking every box I need to as far as responsibilities go.

  13. It was good of you to share this. I know it must’ve been hard, but that’s what gives it value. Thank you.

  14. Look i know youtube isnt a place to let out personall feelings. But i dont know if im the only one with this problem. We have to play games. I play games to forget about depression i already had one suicide attempt. I literly have no friends except one that has no computer. Another friend that i dont appreciate naming him a "friend" as a kid too i lost 3 friends they where all fake.
    I play games to forget about reality I believe in magic wich others dont. im completely understand. But most of them talk to me like:" dont believe in magic dont waste your time." Wich i say:" ok, it was my only chance to go outside and live life and breath fresh air. You ruined it i dont go outside because "magic isnt real"."

  15. Isn't a world of warcraft subscription $8 a month or something? And you spent all your money on it? Dude I think you had another serious problem you aren't telling us.

  16. I think ill stop gaming soon. It is basically my fking life. I see no other worthy things to do than playing games, and when im not, im sad and bored. Finding a job is very taugh, since i spent all my youth playing wothout learning anything that could lead me to a job and a normal life. Now im 29, and just realised how late it is. Destiny 2 is my fking addiction right now and i dont see and end to It. Maybe ill cancell my character today, so maybe my addiction, and start doing else….

  17. I just got a huge reality check thank you I’m not going to delete any games but defintely cut down on playtime it makes me upset since I wasted my life on games that I’m not even good at

  18. thanks for the video!
    i already knew i had to stop, but this gave me the extra motivation i needed, to stop playing league myself
    thanks a lot 🙂

  19. Wow, I'm taken away by the honesty and storyline telling of your essays. Look forward to bringing all your vids!🙃

  20. I uninstalled DOTA on the first day because I found it very difficult. And I also had a second thought of installing it back, but thankfully the internet was too slow and it never happened.

  21. talking to myself: no PS5 for you bud. ( was always jealous of my friend, he calls himself a games, but he only plays a couple hours a week, mostly on the weekends.)

  22. i stopped gaming when i was 16 years old. i was fine at first but i started to have withdrawal systems. I felt giddy at times and even un-content with myself. Felt like i was wasting, had difficulty staying awake even when i slept a full 7-9 hours of sleep. So i turned to drugs, thanks to drugs i am no longer addicted gaming. Thank you drugs for turning my life around

  23. lmao this is so funny
    ur just a weak person
    there are gamers in the world that their life is revolving around games and they are doing just fine, u don't have to stop gaming to become a better person just have better time management, play LOL for 3 hours and u have the rest of the day up to u and school and life. I really don't see the point to this video

  24. The answer to your rhetorical question around 9:00 is not necessarily "yes", trust me, with the world going crazy and everything being placed upside down, divorce rate being around 70% you could have spared yourself some of that. I am not saying gaming addiction is good, it is not, but there is indeed a silver lining.

  25. I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I am literally at the same exact point you are and with the same game. League.

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