The Division – Tanky Hog Manhunts vs Server (Hungry Hog)


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21 thoughts on “The Division – Tanky Hog Manhunts vs Server (Hungry Hog)

  1. Always nice with people getting salty, but the really nice thing in the video was seeing russians and americans working together to hunt Widdz down :D.

    Just wonder how embarrassed they will be when they watch this clip.

  2. I love how these ppl obviously don't know widdz and Hamish are buds and he talks about how good you are lol

  3. The problem is that no one can stand when someone else is an all around beast in the game and can take down other players based on their skill and knowledge of the game. Cant kill him? He must be hacking right? Always solid gameplay from widdz, definitely subbed

  4. Until i see you on your own, (delivering) damage to players without your teams help. Until now then, your simple, with benefits of a Youtube channel, P.S i've seen beasts on this game, that no one would acknowledge.

  5. You should send those guys the link to your channel so they can watch how salty and wrong they were. X)

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