We recently dusted off some MK4 during a stream of classic Fighting Games. As we’d both not played the game in quite a while, we revisited some of the game’s more…. interesting additions.

Rather than uploading a huge block, I saved you the trouble and cut out all the crazy bits!

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42 thoughts on “THIS GAME IS RIDICULOUS – MK4 Highlights with K&M

  1. Find the entire vod of this session on our second channel, if it's raw gameplay you're after!:

  2. I don't understand why people think Kai is boring. Like, yeah sure – he's kind of just another Shaolin Monk character – but anyone who doesn't want to see him return hasn't messed around with him in MK4!

    Kai, Fujin, Quan Chi, and Tanya are all fun AF to play as.

  3. I love MK4. It's a strange MK game but the gameplay is fun. It's a kind of glitchy and quirky good time haha. I buy and mod those Arcade1Up cabinets primarily on my channel. I could never emulate this game since it takes a crazy power PC for the arcade version so I just bought a friend's A1U cabinet that he modded and put the real arcade board inside. I don't regret it, I love playing this weird game haha

  4. I still feel kai and fujin had alot of potential as individual characters in the mk universe. I guess I'm the only one. Would have loved to see them more in mk games.

  5. I swear, if Kai doesn't return in Mk11 with his handstand as DLC, I'll be proper fuming. #BringBackTheVowOfRespect

  6. I remember having the ps1 version of this game that had the "Strike of a Mallet" trailer in but most of my MK4 memories was playing it on PC from a Blobby disc that had MK4, House of The Dead and Megaman X4

  7. Its the most fluid MK game ever, so fast and fun. Even tower endings were cinematics, as wierd as they were. No I loved that game no idea why people hated it

  8. I wish the side step mechanic is something they can add to mordern MK. It adds more fun and reality to be able to side step projectiles/moves to punish

  9. People shat on this game but it was so much fun. I used to always use shinnok and fujin.
    Great video K&M!

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