Top 10 Drinking Games


Top 10 Drinking Games
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Time to light up the night, but for all that’s holy and sweet, please drink responsibly. From straight face, to movie drinking games, to the tried and tested bullshit, WatchMojo counts down ten of the best drinking games.

Top 10 Movie Drinking Games: the Top 10 Celebrities You Want To Drink With: and the Top 10 Alcohols:

#10: Straight Face
#9: Movie Drinking Games
#8: Bullshit
#7: Most Likely
#6: Never Have I Ever
#5: Quarters
#4: Slap Cup
#3, #2 & #1???

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42 thoughts on “Top 10 Drinking Games

  1. Legal drinking age . In my county you can buy alcohol whenever cuz i can just say it is for my parents and i think 12 yo is ok to drink some vodka why not its fun
    Btw i am 14

  2. sexual drinking games…….whoever Quits has to drink five beers and stay with the champion for the rest of the night……………if he/she doesn't….stay… 200 dollars to the champ…….. if she / he doesn't pay…….no longer invited to party games……….so the alpha man/woman wins……….best party ever………..unless you a loser…….no offence

  3. beer die, relay, beerio kart, beer hockey… all should be mentioned
    (relay is low key the best game: combines pong, flip, and stack)

  4. 1) Beer pong (including Civil War, 3D beer pong)
    2) Flip cup.
    3) Quarters.
    4) Screw the dealer (card game)
    5) Kings cup (card game)
    6) Mushroom (card game)
    7) Slap cup
    8) Drinking Jenga
    9) Beer ball
    10) Flong

    Watch Mojo's list sucks.

  5. Another idea for a drinking game: give my iOS app 'Naked English' a go. Try the tongue twisters, it uses voice recognition to give you a % accuracy match, lowest % chugs. So beautiful in its simplicity and some of the mangled sentences that come out of your mouth can be pretty hilarious. Give it a try!

  6. 7:13 In the UK where I'm from Kings are different. For us the rules are:

    Ace: Waterfall, person who picked starts drinking, person clockwise then begins to drink. Only when the first person stops drinking can the second stop and so on.

    2: You. Picker chooses someone to take a sip.

    3: Me. Picker has to take a sip.

    4: Wh***s. All girls take a sip.

    5: Thumb master. Whenever they want (until new thumb master is chosen) the picker can put a thumb on the table. Last person to put their thumb on the table has to take a sip.

    6: Dicks. All guys take a sip.

    7: Heaven. Picker points a finger into the air. Last player to point takes a sip. (can be single use, or until new 7, like thumb master)

    8: Mates. Picker chooses someone that has to drink everytime the picker drinks (for the rest of the game. Can work both ways if wanted).

    9: Rhyme. Picker announces a word, then moving clockwise each player must say a rhyming word to the initial word. If a player repeats a word or doesn't say one quick enough, they take a sip.

    10: Categories. Like rhyme, but with a word/sentence that fits a category. Ideas include: Types of alcohol, characters from Friends, brands of cars etc.

    Jack: Get to add a new rule. Ideas include: drink with your non-dominant hand. If player to left drinks you have to apologise, if you don't you drink. If a type of card appears (diamond), you have to say snap, if you don't, take a sip.

    Queen: Question Master. If picker asks someone a question, you must respond with "F*** you question master". If you don't, take a sip. Question master stays as such until a new queen is picked.

    King: Picker pours some of their drink into the cup in the centre. When the final king is picked, the picker must drink the whole cup. (can give a song countdown).


    Bomba Drink Challenge best drinking game

  8. God save the Queen should have been number one.
    It's a passive game, at any point in a night out you throw a penny into someone pint and shout "god save the queen" then they chug the pint to stop the queen on the coin from drowning.
    (I guess if you aren't from the UK you can't do queen, so maybe president/king/whatever ruler is on your currency)

  9. Play thunder by imagine dragons every time it says thunder you have to drink

    If you’re not drunk after that I respect you

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