TOP 10 Fighting Game POP OFFS of All Time


The fighting game community has provided some of the most intense and insane pop offs in the world of #esports.

#MK11 #Tekken7 and #SFV pro players have developed online rivalries that are sometimes brought into the real life as well, and they do not shy away from humiliating their opponents once the match is finished.

Let’s look back in time, and in competitions like EVO to check out the TOP 10 best Fighting Game Pop Offs of All Time.


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34 thoughts on “TOP 10 Fighting Game POP OFFS of All Time

  1. The top three were my favorites. LOL. Cant decide between number two and number one. But that 'get f'ed' song was quite hilarious. LOL.
    Also Yipes. not helping matters in both situations by hyping the pop offs. LOOOOL.

  2. Gamers goofy. I'd be back in a box lor yo Yell in my face like that I don't understand it I don't even know why I'm here

  3. Bro i been away from fgc and last time i saw Buffalo was in ij2 playing sub damn boy got big but yet i heard scar is really short so eh.

  4. I don't think you understand the difference between celebrating and popping off….Buffallo vs Scar is popping off, 10-6 is legitimate no hate/anger celebrating

  5. POONGKO was known to take his shirt off when things got heated. The reason his opponent in the clip did what he did was to get a rise out of POONGKO, by no means a show of strength. Wtf you on about?

  6. the best pop off imo is perfect legend vs sonic foxx when foxx 13-0d him in mkx.. the level of shame and excuses was legendary

  7. Notable melee popoffs:
    s2j v. ice at shine 2017
    hbox vs. armada at evo 2016
    hax vs. leffen at apex 2013

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