TOR @ SAS | Ring Bling Game (2005)


Toronto Raptors @ San Antonio Spurs inside the soon-to-be-renamed SBC Center (to AT&T Center) in an East meets West tilt on 23 Dec 05 {Friday @ 1930}.

This game’s claim to fame? Awarding of the Spurs & HEB raffle prize at mid-game: Full official 2004-2005 San Antonio Spurs Championship Ring to two lucky fans (Jeanine & Gil) selected at random out of more than 20K entries (at $5 a pop). This (2005) was the only time these two organizations had this fundraising ($101K) promotion despite Spurs also winning NBA titles in 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2014.

Vintage footage includes the televised half-time/half-court jewelry award plus that same day’s TV news previews plus that night’s local sports news coverage and recap (from Alamo City media outlets WOAI and KENS5).

Significant statistical contributions from a young Chris Bosh and a younger Matt Bonner helped the visitors while Tim {Old Man RiverWalk} Duncan just missed a triple-double while leading the local team to a close home-court victory.

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TMI FYI: A ‘championship ring’ is a ring presented to members of winning teams in North American professional sports leagues and college tournaments.
Since only one championship trophy is awarded by the league to the winning team, championship rings are distributed as a collectible memento for the actual players and team officials to keep for themselves to symbolize the victory. Winners’ medals (and runners-up medals) are not awarded in North American professional sports, in contrast to Olympic team sports and European club association football tournaments such as the Premier League and UEFA Champions League. Championship rings are distributed by and paid for by the winning team (although some leagues may partially subsidize the cost), in contrast to medals which are awarded by the league or competition governing body.
In addition, the championship in North American pro team sports is the culmination of the regular season and playoff tournament, while in European club football the league championship and domestic/continental cups are separate competitions. For North American pro teams, the playoff league championship is the single most significant part of the season. Indeed, most teams and fans in North America do not consider division titles or conference titles to be notable honors at all, and therefore in practice teams in major North American professional sports consider themselves to compete annually for only a single honor, the league championship, which is determined by a playoff tournament that is seeded based on regular season performance. This is in sharp contrast to European football clubs who celebrate and compete for both regular-season “league” titles and playoff tournament “cups”, as well as international tournaments in some cases.
In North American sports vernacular, a player’s aim of wanting the “ring” is synonymous with winning the playoff league championship, and it has entered popular lexicon (retired basketball center Shaquille O’Neal was quoted as saying “My motto is very simple: Win a Ring for the King”, former NHL goaltender Patrick Roy remarking “I can’t hear what Jeremy says, because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears”).
An individual’s number of championship rings, rather than number of championship trophies, is often used by sportswriters as a tally of a their personal success, since it is more appropriate to write that it is the team/franchise and not the individual who wins the championship trophy (i.e., # of NBA Championship rings rather than Larry O’Brien Trophies won by former NBA coach Phil Jackson). The four most-well known championship rings in North American professional sports are the NFL’s Super Bowl ring, the NBA Championship ring, MLB’s World Series ring, and the NHL’s Stanley Cup ring. Similar rings are often presented to individuals inducted into a North American sports hall of fame. [Source: WikiPedia]

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