Tower of Terror [Full Game] By k0tw [Roblox]


Tower of Terror [Full Game] By k0tw [Roblox]

Gameplay del juego: Tower of Terror [Full Game] By k0tw

In this game, you go through a tower with a huge amount of floors to get to the roof, while going through a bunch of monsters and murderers. Can you get to the way out?

Game Creator – nunziofumia
Scripter/Developer – Stealthied
Developer – josephfem06
Main Inspiration/Idea – Spookys Jumpscare Mansion and Disasters in the Spooky Hotel

Update Log (0.4)
-Added difficulty
-First person camera
-More rooms
-New monster (John Doe)
-Revamped music
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25 thoughts on “Tower of Terror [Full Game] By k0tw [Roblox]

  1. Hey, good to see a video on my game! Congratulations on making the first ever video of Tower of Terror! (Apart from me, atleast)
    P.S. Check out the game today with the new update, something interesting on the final floor! -k0tw

  2. Last time I played this i ended up in the hospital from a heart attack from all the intense moments in this game

  3. When I saw this video, I thought this was a video of the twilight zone tower of terror

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