Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, the Best FPS on the N64


What’s the most romantic place in the universe? Paris, Venice, Memphis? Nope, it’s the lost lands!

The awesome music, as always, was provided by Henrik Johnson:

Goldeneye Gameplay provided by Takumi85 –

Turok Rage Wars Gameplay provided by Lightning49 –

Turok 3 Gameplay provided by JazzyGreyhound –

Turok Evolution provided by Roberto070812 –

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21 thoughts on “Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, the Best FPS on the N64

  1. I tried playing through this on N64 back in 2015 ftf time and after playing for hrs I got to this gate and couldn't progress because I missed some stupid key or something. How much time would I have wasted looking everywhere for it? Didn't seem worth it, no clues as to where to look and the levels were too open ended so it could have taken hrs, I might as well have started the game over, what crap. Maybe I'll re visit the PC version but as far as 5th gen fps games go, I vouch for Disruptor 100%. Excellent overlooked title.

  2. Lol "Best FPS on the N64". You completely knew how much that was going to trigger all the Goldeneye 64 fanboys.

  3. I like when he falls off a cliff and screams like a girl. And then when he gets resurrected and looks like a rag doll! Get ready to rock!

  4. I personally despise Manual saves. It gives one just too much power and me anxiety to constantly save. My solution to this is to….not save at all and Play on a lower difficulty.
    Btw, this game is fucking awesome. It has the fun and unique weapons that Quake doesn't have, the incredibly precise movement which Doom/Wolfenstein 3D/Half-Life didn't have and the fast pace that Goldeneye didn't have. Even on the N64 this kicked fucking ass. Since almost no vertical aim was needed, you could strafe around hit almost everything, especially the bosses. This sadly was not the same case for Turok 2. But the Gore makes it still worth to Play.

  5. It's funny how high poly the Landscapes are for a Nintendo 64 title. Makes sense why it's fogged everywhere (not unlike) Silent Hill

  6. Came here for the ragebait title. Had to leave a comment telling you that you're insane for calling Turok the best N64 FPS game. I's good on PC, it's okay on N64. Have you heard of Perfect Dark? 😉

  7. no golden eye was if you like green brown and red never ending halls and a frame rate that makes you puke then turok was just ok

  8. Someone hasn’t played Goldeneye… /s

    (I’ve actually never played Turok, it may be better than Goldeneye I don’t know.)

  9. I wouldn’t call the late 2000s the dark ages of first person shooters. Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare are both fantastic late 2000s FPS games.

  10. I actually like Turok… 2008 ;D

    You can probably tell that I love the Turok games, I grew up with them.
    I played every Turok games I got my hands on.
    That means Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (as a kid I played the original PC port but the weird censored German version, I bought the Nightdive remake day one),
    Turok 2 (same as Dinosaur Hunter), Turok Evolution on PS2 and Turok 2008 on PC.
    I didn't play Turok 3 or Rage Wars due to them being console exclusives. (I hope Nightdive will remake all Turok games but that's unlikely)

    It's funny, you said Turok 2008 feels more like Crysis. Crysis one of my favorite franchises too!

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