Unity Shader Graph – Waterfall Effect Tutorial


Unity Shader Graph – Waterfall and Ripples Tutorial

In this Shader Graph tutorial we are going to see the steps I took to create this very stylized Waterfall with Ripples. It’s one shader for the waterfall and another for the ripples. And we also need some meshes and a simple texture for the ripples.

I’ve also used a Cartoon Water shader and a Blood shader from previous tutorials that you can find in my channel or below.






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Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions you may have, i’ll answer as quickly as possible. And don’t forget to like and subscribe. Thank you!

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20 thoughts on “Unity Shader Graph – Waterfall Effect Tutorial

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  2. this is great looking stylised shader , would it work with more realistic textures as opposed to virinoi or noise generators?

  3. Great tutorial and a lot of fun to see working. I have a question though. I'd like to apply an alpha to the other borders of the shader, and not effect the interior. My attempts so far have apply the alpha mask across the entire shader. The image that i am using for the mask is a white square wit the outer edges dissolving to black. Any suggestions?

  4. I dont like how you speed up the video while just saying what you're doing as a voiceover, the video seems unnatural and it makes it hard to follow along with

  5. If you dont know how to use blender I would recommend making your waterfall out of probuilder, its really easy to use. You can get the mesh by exporting your probuilder object to a .obj file

  6. Hi
    Thanks for sharin knowledge on youtube about shader graph. Any plans makin a cool ocean shader such as from sea of thieves game ? Especially i wanna learn how u make shoreline tides .I would like to see your talent about ocean.

  7. For the Ripple section, the "Time" node and alpha channel do not work. There were errors in the first part as well, but I was able to fix them.

  8. How do you "ocupy the whole UV area" at 3:19? I simply scale/rotate/translate? or is there a special button for that?

  9. This video is very good. I am a Newbie. This is my first time using the unity shader graph. I ran into a little problem during the production. I use 3Dmax to make the same model as Water Ripple. I drop the model in the unity and use the texture, if distortionAmount value bigger than zero I can see a seam on my ripple model. I think mabye something wrong with my UV.
    Maybe I have a worng step, if someone know the solution please tell me, thanks so much!
    there are two image:
    seam on my ripple model : https://imgur.com/d7BzNQc
    3dmax UV: https://imgur.com/xqz6LLV

  10. Hello! I'm hard stuck in min 8:47 when you put the "VertexOffsetAmount" I did everything like you and I see the material have a 3d moving, but in scene the objet didnt do nothing :/ Can you help me? (Sorry for my bad english)

  11. 18:08 I can't seem to connect my "Add" to the master node's "AlphaClip" as it simple won't latch onto it. Anyone know what could be the cause of it? I'm using the universal RP, on 2019.3.0f6.

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