WHAT IS A GAME AND WATCH?!? (Full Bloom 5 Wrap-up)


Full Bloom was a really fun event with actual incredible sets. New region, New people, new pandas, and amazing times for all.

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21 thoughts on “WHAT IS A GAME AND WATCH?!? (Full Bloom 5 Wrap-up)

  1. I go to IU and am from Bloomington. Ive never been to a smash tournament and i wouldve loved to go, but my march madness obsession prevented me from going. Glad to hear you enjoyed it though!

  2. Great job Esam!

    Stay tuned for my in depth game and watch analysis.

    Current editing progress: 18.5/35 minutes.

  3. Pikachu vs game and watch is a pretty annoying match up considering how different you have to play, i'm suprised u managed to get a game of one of the best game and watches.

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