Xender Game Block Design Tutorial | Boss tutorial Ep.2 | [GD 2.1]


Welcome to the 2nd episode of my boss tutorial series. I will teach the basics of modern tech, so that in the next video you can make a Xender Game Styled weapon.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video was that some styles vary on your layer to detail ratio. Foxydolly is more Detail oriented then layer oriented. Stubbypinata and I were more layer oriented than detail oriented. Xender Game is somewhere in the middle, and most people consider him/her to be the standard for modern tech.

All credit goes to the artists here: (In order)
These are great songs and you could use them in your gd levels 🙂

Xtrullor – Samsara

Colbreakz – Big Poe

Eleps – Galaxy

TeslaX – Celestial Abyss

Drayx – Next Adventure

Creo – Enigma

EpsiDev – Calibre

Xtrullor – Nirmiti

Azazal – Tabby

(couldn’t find an original l uploaded by Azazal so here’s the channel

Acid Notation – The Yandere’s puppet show

DOCTOR VOX – Level Up [Argofox]

Sharks – Light

(couldn’t find the original on yt so here is the channel)

Used a little bit of Domyeah – Final Boss

(couldn’t find the original upload so here is the channel)

Last song:
Not the original, the original is credited in the description.

–More info–
The next video will take a while from now, I need to focus on building and enjoying summer instead of being a slave 🙂
I’ve left a poll on the video so you can decide between:

1000 subscriber special
After Abyssinia releases
This video gets *a lot* of support which would encourage me to make another.

Here is RTI’s discord server. You can find some of my tutorials under “Modern Tech”

Nguồn: https://dccwo.org/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://dccwo.org/game/

38 thoughts on “Xender Game Block Design Tutorial | Boss tutorial Ep.2 | [GD 2.1]

  1. Make sure to read the description 🙂
    This comment will act as a Q&A. I will answer any questions you have about the tutorial, whether it's for a clarification, need a deep understanding of a concept, or just plain help with your block.

  2. This video really deserves a like
    Very helpful bro
    Btw can u plz make a video on how zender game makes custom background

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