XRocker gaming chairs – unboxing and testing – fun!


We picked up a couple XRocker gaming chairs for the kids so we decided to do an unboxing and quick review of how to set them up. They are definitely not for someone over 6 feet but are great for the kids and not very expensive.

The kids enjoy using them to play games on the Xbox as well as to do homework and art stuff on the living room table.

Our two mini aussie shepherds love them too as we end up sitting down at their level and they get to come and snuggle as shown in the video.

Please let us know what you think and if we should do more unboxing type videos!

Not an ad – purchased the units ourselves.

Filmed on Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone.

Music from the YouTube Audio library:
Intro/Outro: Far Away (Sting) by MK2 Disney mermaid family *** This video is not an add. Any products shown in this video were purchase by us for our personal use. This video is intended for entertainment purposes and not as an advertisement. ***

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17 thoughts on “XRocker gaming chairs – unboxing and testing – fun!

  1. Brought my son one for Xmas, he's got the blue and White one, he loves it also he's 6 🤘👌 now I'm the best dad ever

  2. Nice video! I have one but it's more comfortable for my back and plus they are super cheap for my pocket and sometimes it will have a speaker for it, Loving your channel so much and keep on what you are doing.

  3. I so wanted to see this gaming chair in action before I bought my son one for the Xmas, Thank you for the Tutorial 👍 btw. Lovely dogs too…

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